Scorpio All About Horoscope

Scorpio All About Horoscope

Scorpio represents the eighth sign in the zodiac, and is a true reminder of the mystical bird, Phoenix – mysterious, magical and ability to build themselves up from the ashes. Scorpions are born detectives and investigators, and would go to great lengths to learn about others. With a keen sense of intuition and heart piercing gaze, they are known to steal secrets from anybody’s soul. Some famous known Scorpio folks are Marie CurieIndira GandhiPrince CharlesBill GatesBryan AdamsCalvin KleinDemi Moore and Jack Welch.

The Scorpion symbol is evidently the Scorpio, which gives them unrivalled survival skills and control over their destinies. They always have an agenda on mind and do not rest until the task is accomplished. They try and try until they succeed, and that’s the kind of stubborn determination they have.

At times, their Fixed quality and dogged persistence makes Scorpio born self-destructive. But that’s how they are, always working towards that one day when they’d be able to sit back, relax and feel satisfied with all that they have accomplished. So, they work hard, fearlessly and passionately.

Ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto, is the reason behind all their secretive and intense personalities. Highly attuned to vibrations of those around them, they are pretty aware of people’s intentions and tendencies. This odd combination of planets, also turns Scorpio natives a little aggressive, vengeful and fiercely ambitious.

Scorpio is a Water sign, but this water is not the soothing seas or splashy waves. Scorpios are more like 'still waters run deep.' They are extremely emotional, but these emotions are buried deep within their soul who only a few have access too. Never attempt to cross those born under Scorpio zodiac sign as they can turn vindictive in no time. However, they themselves try not to resort to violent measures and turn inwards through spirituality to calm their mind. The Scorpio physical traits include dark hair and eyes with a gaze full of questions. They may not much of sight physically, but appear extremely attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex.

The body parts Scorpio sun sign is associated with is the reproductive and the excretory system. Evidently, this heightens a Scorpio’s sexual desires but they redirect any such cravings into creative pursuits meant for the higher good. Wearing their zodiac colors can intensify Scorpio tendencies and abilities. Passionate red and grave black represent their moods.

A life without competition is a life devoid of all fun for a Scorpio. Whether, it is work or play, competition acts as their salt. They are always game for extreme sports where they can easily prove their mettle. Saying that an adversary shines them up would be an understatement to how they excel.

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