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Scorpio Love / Relationships

People often feel scared of a Scorpio company, but once a Scorpio has taken you in his loving embrace, you wouldn't risk losing them to anything. They make a loyal, reliable, resourceful and extremely faithful friend. They do keep their pride and self-respect in high regards and hence, make more enemies than friends. Love for the Scorpio born is all about uniting, immersing and consuming. They love with everything they have got and can sacrifice anything for its cause. To them, love is another mystery that can be solved only through complete unification of emotions, souls and bodies. So, they take a lot of time in judging the right person to grow old with. In love, Scorpio natives are strong as well as gentle, loving, protective, and faithful. They make romantic partners who often border around insecurity and possessiveness. They expect their mate to be smart and honest.

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