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About New Venture Report

With the help of the New Venture Report prepared by our expert astrologer one can decide on the best person to head the new project, the start of the new project, the dasha system to come, the feasibility of the project and also the various other astrological factors.

Now days it has become a trend to diversify into various streams of work. Companies have started to explore new areas where they can profit from. For this lot of planning is done. Research is done and the best possible plan is formed but still at times it is seen that the things do not work as planned

Now the question arises " what went wrong?" well to a common man it is unexplained but through an expert astrologer you can find out what was the hidden reason behind the downfall

Why do you need an expert astrologer to help start a new venture?

The answer is very simple, all the planning of drying of hay can go wrong if rain comes at the wrong time. Similarly all the planning to start a new venture does not bring the right result if the timing of the event is not good, the people appointed to heat the project have a weak horoscope period, the coming of the dasha period and similarly other effects of the planets


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