12-Month Marriage Astrology Report

12-Month Marriage Report

Marriage is one of the three pillars of life. Each one of us put efforts to find a perfect partner who could walk with us through the path of life. It is just not coming together of two individuals but also the connection of two souls. For those who are looking forward to get married in the coming period this report serves the perfect guideline tool which throws light on what the planets hold for us. Your questions or concern such as will marriage take place in coming year, could there be break of engagement or marriage, marital relationships during the year etc. would be covered in the 12-month Marriage Report.

This report would be prepared by deeply analyzing position of planets, their effects, effects on houses, the divisional chart, the Dasha pattern, transit of planets etc.

Apart from the astrology predictions effective remedies would also be advised:

This report will provide you
  • Your Natal Horoscope
  • Effects of the planets during the year 12-month.
  • Main effects of the dasha and the respective planets.
  • 12-month year - dasha predictions on Marriage.
  • Periods to watch and control
  • Full next 12 (twelve) months dasha planning for love/romance
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies for year 12-month

Simple and Easy to understand

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