12-Month Finance Astrology Report

12-Month Finance Report

Money is one of the important governing factor in today's world. Growth of finance is everybody's requirement and with the increase in competitions a wave of uncertainty glooms over all. If you are curious to find all about your financial prospects within the coming 12 months then the 12-month Finance Report would prove to be an excellent guide to you. It is prepared by our expert astrologers at AskGanesha.com. The Year 12-month Finance report will guide you through the up as well as down phases of your life in the coming 12 months.

The Report will determine the level of accumulation of money, Areas in which money can be earned, best time to invest money in shares , instant financial gains and windfalls, level of rise, Positive and Negative Period in the coming times etc.

This report would be prepared by deeply analyzing position of planets, their effects, effects on houses, the divisional chart, the dasha pattern, transit of planets etc.

Apart from the astrology predictions effective remedies are also advised.

This report will provide you
  • Your Natal Horoscope
  • Effects of the planets during the year 12-month.
  • Main effects of the dasha and the respective planets.
  • Year 12-month dasha predictions on Finance.
  • Periods to watch and control
  • Full next 12 (twelve) months dasha planning for wealth.money/finance
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies

Simple and Easy to understand

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