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vishnu puja

Lord Vishnu Puja

Personalized Vishnu Puja and Homam done only for you.

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Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

Lord Vishnu is one of the lord of the Hindu Trinity apart from Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnu is the one who takes care of our living and has a important role of a preserver of life. He is the one who restores peace and order on earth.

Lord Vishnu has incarnated in several forms. His ten avtars are called Dasa Avtars out of which 9 have already come and the 10th is awaited. His ten avatars are first the Matsyavatara (fish), second Koorma (tortoise),third Varaaha (boar), fourth Narasimha (the man lion), firth Vamana (the dwarf), sixth Parasurama (the angry man), seventh Lord Rama, eight Lord Balarama (Krishna's brother), ninth Lord Krishna, and the final one which is yet to incarnate the Kalki avatar.

Lord Vishnu is the destroyer of evil and preserver of human wellbeing. By performing the lord Vishnu puja one is blessed with a long and happy life, good relationship, worldly comforts, betterment in career, overcome enemies, courage to face the difficulties of life, attain Moksha or salvation in afterlife.

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Top Customer Reviews

I thought of performing the Lord Vishnu Puja when my whole life was in problem. I consulted this website and they advised to do Lord Vishnu Puja. I thought better to order it via They took all the responsibility and asked me just to have faith in God. They did the puja and my life is almost back to track.

By Sunaina Kumar, L&T manager, Gurugram

Lord Vishnu Puja is actually very effective, it made my life simpler when everything went dark. Punditji advised me to perform this Puja. The Puja started to have effects within a month of its completion. I am very happy that I performed the Puja.

By Yamini Agnihotri, Project Controller, Scotland

I have the do this puja too. It is very good. Till now I do it alone. I am ordering it from now. I hope that they good as they good in other things also. Vishnu Puja has helped me a lot.

By Isha ehlavadi, housewife, UP

My life and career has taken a great shape ever since I have ordered Lord Vishnu Puja through not only my life has become better but also my belief in God is evolved over time. I believe that there is a higher power above us all ruling everything we do.

By Neelu Arora, Model, Mumbai is such a great website that I have no words to express my gratitude towards it. I live in Dubai and Puja at times becomes difficult for me. They advised me to do Lord Vishnu Puja and also offered to perform it on my behalf. In return they asked a small amount of money but the results if the Puja was great.

By Kamlesh Chatterjee, engineer, dubai

Lord Vishnu Puja

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