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Nav Chandi puja

Nav Chandi puja

Nav Chandi puja an elaborate, unique and rare puja which is normally performed during the time of Navratri. The significance of Nav Chandi Puja and Paath lies primarily in Navratri, as a Paath of Durga Saptashati is normally performed. It is a powerful sacrificial ritual that also includes the strength of Mantra Chanting of Durga Saptashathi Paath, each day during Navratri. Nav Chandi is a unique puja as it is said to have the power of Durga Saptashathi Mantra and its recitation during the Navratri. The puja and Yagna removes all the planetary ill effects.

The Nav Chandi puja is performing the Nav Avtar or Nine incarnation of Durga worship, as mentioned in the Chandi Purana.

The Nine Avatars are :

  • Shailputri
  • Brahmacharini
  • Chandraghanta
  • Kushmanda
  • Skandamata
  • Katyayani
  • Kalratri
  • Mahagauri
  • Siddhidatri

Durga Saptashati:

Saptashati means chanting of 700 Shloka, describing the importance of Goddess Durga, and her trigunatmak Power or 3 power/ strength element. It is the one of the ancient text that describe Devi as the supreme power and energy that is the creator of all. Durga Saptashati mainly describes the fierce battle between the good and Evil. The Goddess of Supreme energy manifests her into different forms so that, peace and prosperity is maintained. Durga Saptashati text lays the foundation on the fact that the ultimate reality is nothing more than female energy. The Durga Saptashati text describes the female as the elementary creator of the Universe. The text describes her as tridevi, or the branches like the creator, Nurturer and destroyer.

The hymns written in Durga Saptashati are in the form of praises, or the one who resides in every mortal being. She is everything: Emotions and physical attributes, she is self- realization and intelligence.

Procedure of the Nav Chandi Puja / Havan:

  • Cleanse your body and mind and soul. The overall cleaning and cleansing of a person.
  • Take Sankalap: that means talk about the purpose of the puja you are going to Perform.
  • Ganesha Pujan: Since Lord Ganesh is the God of all the auspiciousness and all new beginning so worshipping him is a nessicity.
  • Then comes the Muhurat Pujan: Muhurat pujan is to remove or get rid of the sins.
  • Nandi Shradh: Then comes taking the blessings from our ancestors by remembering them.
  • Then comes the Nav Chandi Paath, or Durga Saptashathi Path that is a ritualistic Puja. The Durgasaptashati paath helps in getting the desired boon.

Importance of Nav Chandi Paath or Puja:

The Nav Chandi Puja / Havan help in getting the blessings of Goddess. The Nav Chandi puja and yagna has the ability to create a pious and energetic environment. Since the Nav Chandi puja combines the powers of divine mother, hence it is exceptional and matchless.

Benefits of Nav Chandi Puja:

  • The Nav Chandi puja is performed to fulfill all our desires.
  • This puja enables the worshiper to lead a healthy and long life.
  • Performing the Nav Chandi puja for name fame and prosperity.
  • It is a puja tht is mainly performed for getting the moksha or salvation.
  • Nav Chandi Puja is performed to remove all sorts of malefic planets ill- effects.
  • The purity of Mind, body and soul is garnered from this puja. It also helps in making the environment pure and serene. The Nav Chandi Puja is mainly performed to spread purity-mind, body and soul at the same- time environment.
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