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karmic puja

Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja

Personalized Kamic Puja and Homam done only for you.

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Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

Karmic Puja/Homam is performed for minimizing the ill-effects of the planets that are related to the past life of a native. Those who are facing obstacles and are suffering in anyway in their present life due to the deeds done during past life may perform this Homam to receive the blessings and grace of all planets and deities. This Puja also achieves forgiveness of the native from all unholy deeds done in previous lives. The Yantra (a symbol embedded in metal) used in the Homam, will remove all obstacles in this regard.

It is one of the most powerful Homam for removing all bad effects of the deeds done in past life.

It is performed to please the planets affecting the House of Past life as per fifth house and Khavedamsa Chart.

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Top Customer Reviews

I have consulted's Astrologer many times and every time he has given me very helpful advice. This time he asked me to conduct a puja known as Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja. I ordered the puja through only. The puja is really effective and proved helpful in vanishing away all my problems.

By Hemlata Vaishnav, teacher, Bangalore

My life was getting worse from all the angles and I could not understand why. On consulting many pundits and astrologers, I reached one conclusions that it is all bcoz of the ill effects of Planets bcoz of the bad deeds done in the past. I performed this puja and after some time, all my problems were gone.

By Pushpa Mittal, housewife, Aligarh

My business was seeing many loses in the past 2 years. I sent my horoscope to the astrologer of askganesha and he told me that I need to do Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja bcz of bad planet position and stuff. I thot that there is no harm in spending a little money and getting the puja done. The puja actually worked for me and my business. My business is running pretty well now.

By Ishaan Mehta, business, Ahmedabad

Sarv Yoni Karmic puja is a very effective puja. I was going thru vry bad times as my planetary position was really bad may be because of wrong karma done in the past. Nothing was right. I ordered sarv yoni karmic puja through and they performed it on my behalf. Thankfully my life is much much better after the puja.

By Gaurav Chopra, RJ, Canada

Askganesha's astrologer had advised me to do the same puja. The puja went very well. I just believed in God the almighty and just did the puja with all my heart. The puja proved effective for me and it is considered effective for all who are suffering from past karma dosha.

By Prakhar Sinha, Student, Delhi

Sarv Yoni Karmic Puja

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