Sri Vidya Puja Yagna

About Sri Vidya Puja Yagna

In the Sanskrit Language the term Sri Vidya means- the tributary of the Vedic worship, that is based on divine mother that bestows true knowledge and enables us to achieve a complete state of enlightenment. Sri Vidya Puja Yagna is one of the most influential religious practices of Vedic tradition. According to the Rishis and saints, who had mentioned a countless times that only those souls who are actually blessed by divine mother will have the right to perform the Sri Vidya Yagna. The divine mother and her energy, shows the abundance of love and sympathy. The divine mother is the easiest to please, with deep devotions and dedication. Sri Vidya Puja Yagna is not only a ritual but rather a technique of deep Meditation. It becomes the easiest method that creates a connection of all pervading and already existing energies. The Shri Vidya Yagna is performed with Maha Meru, believed to be of spiritual in nature and it represents the cosmos. The 43 energy centres in the human body is represented by one Maha Meru.

The benefits of Sri Vidya Puja Yagya are as follows:

  • Sri Vidya Puja Yagya, enables to cleanse the body, mind and soul along with cleansing of house and organization of work.
  • This Puja has a healing effect both physically as well as mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  • The Sri Vidya Puja Yagna energy enables to get all the desires, and boons relating to the mind body and soul.
  • When the puja and yagna is performed according to rituals will help in garnering all the wealth, finances and prosperities in life.
  • It enables and helps in dispelling fear and accomplishing of desired goals. It also offers utmost intelligence and enhances creativity and leadership quality in a person.
  • Chanting of Sri Durga Sahasranam during the Sri Vidya Puja Yagya, at least a 1000 times would bring long life and disease free body .
  • Sri Vidya Puja Yagya, benefits its doer with moksha, and makes it easy for them to attain salvation and freedom from cyclic re- birth.
  • This puja and yagna enhances the free flow of energy in body. The positive flow of energy helps to maintain a good mental health.
  • It helps in getting the peace and prosperity along with name and fame.
  • It is beneficial to do the Sri Vidya Puja yagna to increase the life and longevity of family and maintain happiness in family life.

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