Sat Chandi Paath Yagya

About Sat Chandi Paath Yagya

It is done to please the divine mother, who is also the protector of the human kind. The divine mother is the soul and sole truth of the world, and she possesses all the powers in the world. Sat Chandi Paath Yagya when performed together, as the paath is one of the most powerful texts in Hindu religion as and when it is performed it gives blessings and benefits to all, and yagna as the fire lab cleans everything. The significance of Sat Chandi Paath Yagna lies primarily in Navratri, as a Paath and yagya of Durga Saptashati is normally performed. It is a powerful sacrificial ritual that also includes the strength of Mantra Chanting of Durga Saptashathi Paath, each day during Navratri. Sat Chandi is a unique puja and yagya as it is said to have the power of Durga Saptashathi Mantra and its recitation during the Navratri. The puja and Yagna removes all the planetary ill effects.

The auspicious time to perform the puja the Sat Chandi Paath Yagya is said to be performed on a full moon night as, it is believed that all the full moon day harness all the positive energies, when this energy is mixed with the energy of the mantras gives a positive vibes in the nature and this enables in purification of mind Body and soul.

Importance and Significance of the Sat Chandi Paath Yagya:

The Sat Chandi Paath Yagya also is The Durgasaptashati paath. It describes the victory of divine mother over the demon called Mahishasura. The main aim of the Sat Chandi paath yagya is to get attention of the Goddess and invoke her blessings, as she is the carrier of immense energy and strength that helps in conquering all the troubles and struggles of Life.

Benefits of Sat Chandi Paath Yagya:
  • The Sat Chandi Paath Yagya, when mantra is chanted thrice, it enables to get rid of ill and harmful effects of witchcraft.
  • This puja helps in removal of all doshas and obstacles that are caused due to the malefic planet.
  • The Sat Chandi Paath Yagya enables to get the desired boons and, protection of the Divine mother all through out.
  • The Puja helps in getting the desired wealth and prosperity.
  • Sat Chandi Paath Yagya reduces the chances of early death and increases the longitivity of a person's life.
  • The performance of the Sat Chandi Paath Yagya helps in getting free from cyclic- rebirth at the same time it also helps in attaining Moksha.
  • All the financial debts are reduced and chances to increase wealth comes from doing this puja.
  • Performing fire ritual, during the Sat Chandi Paath Yagya will help in getting the desires of our heart. And clean the environment and create an aura of trance.
Benefits of Sat Chandi Paath Yagya:
  • Cleanse your body and mind and soul. The overall cleaning and cleansing of a person.
  • Take Sankalap: that means talk about the purpose of the puja you are going to Perform.
  • Ganesha Pujan: Since Lord Ganesh is the God of all the auspiciousness and all new beginning so worshipping him is a nessicity.
  • After Ganesh Pujan comes the Muhurat Pujan: Muhurat pujan is to remove or get rid of the sins.
  • Kalash Sthapana, and Panchang puja is done.
  • The Sat Chandi Paath begins and performed, and the Durga Saptashati is recited.
  • The offerings are made to the Goddess, and later those offerings are distributed to others as well.

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