Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya

About Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya

Whenever a person takes birth on this mortal earth, he is born with some attributes like birth date, Birth time and birth place. His destiny, which has been decided by God, is revealed by the horoscope which can be made with the help of these attributes. When a person is born, the moon and the other planets have their own specific zodiac signs in which they are present. They have tremendous influences on the life of the person who is born.

Apart from these planets, there are 27 nakshatras or the divisions of the lunar path which also have a subtle yet powerful effect on the life of the person. Sometimes, it is the malefic Nakshatra which can be the cause of miseries of the person to a very high extent. We often find our kundalis with good yogas and planetary combinations but somehow or the other, misfortune prevails.

All this is happening due to the bad effects of the nakshatras in which the person is born. Vedic Astrology takes account of Janma Nakshatra, the Nakshatra in which the moon prevails during the birth. It influences the attitude, personality, physical appearance, and future. Birth Nakshatra determines the thinking pattern, instincts, and destiny and also governs the subconscious aspects of individual personality.

About this Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya

This yagya mainly aims at neutralizing the bad effects of the nakshatras which prevails at the time of birth of the individual. The motto of this yagya is to nullify the malefic effects of the planets in their main periods (mahadasa) or sub-periods (antardasa) and to attain benefit results from the same planets. This Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya is for the protection of individuals suffering from chronic and acute illness or to avoid untimely death or 'akaal mrityu'.

One can become averse to his good luck when malefic constellation entraps a person to an extent that he is unable to recover from the effects of the same. Many people have found the fact that despite having no problem in their kundali, they are facing problems which suddenly emerge out of nothing or which are there right from birth.

Significance of Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya

To neutralize the malefic effects of the planets in their main periods or sub-periods and to attain benefits and results from the same planets the scriptures have prescribed significance of nakshatra Yagya. The nakshatras are worshipped in the prescribed ritualistic manner with mantras and offerings. We get confidence and inner strength along with the desirable results. Sometimes, we achieve them immediately and in other cases it is slow to come or takes time.

Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya aims at correcting and pacifying the presiding deities of the nakshatras through various processes mentioned in the scriptures.

You can contact Askganesha for the complete procedure of performing this Maha Yagya.

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Our family pandits have conveyed Nakshatra Dosh for my elder brother in the coming year. My mother was tensed and didn't know what to do. I helped out my mother as I consulted Askganesha astrologers online. They were very understanding and suggested us Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya. This Yagya was for any type of Dosh which maybe waiting for you. It was a hassle free process as we just paid the money and they get it performed for us. It was really effective.

By Anita Upadhyay, Tour Operator, California is a very great website and they were very helpful in my tough time. I consulted their astrologer, they were very good and found me the exact solution. They got Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya performed for me. They sent me timely photos and videos, it was a relief. This Yagya gave me relief and peace.

By Anmol Pant, Medical Representative, Toronto

If you trust in Vedic remedies and Yagya for any type of Nakshatra Dosh, Askganesha is the right place for you. They have astrologers and Purohits that are sure to give you best advice. I ordered a necessary Yagya for them and it gave me tremendous relief. No hassle as they get it performed for you. God blessed me with his bounties.

By Gaurav Jindal, IT professional, London

This Puja was advised to me by a Pandit as something or the other keeps going wrong to me. I am usually in a bad mood and things always seem to be going in the other direction. I got Sarvgraha Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Maha Yagya performed by the Purohits of I paid them online and they charge feasible amount compared to other. The Yagya was performed in proper timing with complete Vidhi. My life is in a much better shape and new opportunities are coming.

By Naina Pal, Analyst, Cape Town

I agree with this Yagya for pacifying the bad effects of planets on our life. This yagya can bring happiness, prosperity and win over enemies. I ordered this Yagya for my complete family to get the desired results. I am going to recommend and even contact them AskGanesha for any troubles.

By Namita Kohli, housewife, Udaipur

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