Sarv Dukh Nivaran Yagya

About Sarv Dukh Nivaran Yagya

Everything in creation is connected and all the various spheres in the cosmos mutually affect each other. This Sarv Dukh Nivaran Yagya reduces misery and negative influences that enter our lives and increases positive influences. This homam is offered to that aspect of divinity which removes all obstacles to our success and growth. It is for clearing all impediments before the start of any project or venture and attracts auspiciousness in our lives.

Yagya or yajna procedure is a Vedic recital for reducing the unwanted effects of life and for increasing the positive ones. The benefits of all types of yagya ceremony are given in the Vedic literature. Usually, these yagya rituals are performed in India by different Vedic Purohit.

How Sarv Dukh Nivaran yagya works?

There are 2 basic energy systems in the physical world: heat and sound. In performing Yagya, these 2 energies, namely, the heat from Yagya's fire and the sound of the chanting of the Gayatri and other Vedic Mantras are blended together to achieve the desired physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.

The aroma of Yagya

The surroundings and the smell while performing Sarv Dukh Nivaran yagya can be smelt even at a huge distance. In addition to steam, the smoke also gives out in plentiful quantities the solid particles existing in a highly divided state which offers an adequate surface for mechanical diffusion. Thus, smoke also functions as a channel for the circulation of aromatic substances depending on the temperature and direction of the wind.

The shape of the Agni Kunda

Kunda is in the shape of a pyramid. The word 'pyramid' in the fire in the middle'. It's an ancient-word which is closely connected with the enigmatic energies springing from its central shape. The pyramid shape is generally thought to generate and store a special energy field which possesses bacteriostatic properties. The inverted pyramid shape allows a controlled generation and multidirectional dispersion of energy. It acts as an originator of unusual energy fields and spreads them in the surroundings.

Chanting of mantras

The power of sound vibrations during the yajna is long since acknowledged in the field of science. These vibrations can enter the energy spheres at the subtle cosmic levels. All the alphabets of the Sanskrit language chanted during Sarv Dukh Nivaran yagya are endowed with special vibrational powers, which set out a harmonious wave pattern when pronounced.

The fire ritual mitigates misery and heals internally

Sarv Dukh Nivaran yagya creates a pure, nutritional and medicinal atmosphere. It renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies blood and prevents the growth of pathogenic organisms. Agnihotra is basically a healing process and creates a positive environment to remove your miseries. It is rightly said that 'Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you'. The purification of the environment through the constituent electrons of the substances fumigated in the Yagya is an obvious effect of this process.

Removal of foul odours

As you perform this Yagya, the oils get diffused in the surrounding atmosphere along with steam and smoke. Since these oils have a distinct good smell, the foul odours are automatically replaced. This aroma can be experienced easily in the surroundings when this yagya is performed due to the diffusion of substances like pine, terpineol and oils of sandalwood, camphor and clove.

Spiritual significance of Sarv Dukh Nivaran yagya

The heat which is endowed in yagya is a source of huge energy. This fire flames melts or sublimates all the unpleasant substances inside, the same way we should burn out all our vices, ill-tendencies, misery, lethargy, despair and dullness. They also energize our personality with the warmth of new zeal, alacrity, awareness and hope. The heat and energy produced from the yagya should be reflected in the active flow of our blood, our industriousness and our nimble and vigilant courage to fight against all evils.

The ashes from the yagya

The ash produced during yajna from by fire reminds us of the ephemeral and transient nature of life. We tend to forget this undying fact and may continue on the path of cravings and attachment, adding to our mistakes, infirmities and sins. While putting the Yagya the bhasm on our head after the Yagya. One should ponder over the end of our present life and realize the importance of the time and breaths available to us.

Benefit from Sarv Dukh Nivaran yagya?

This yagya is performed as a part of spiritual and internal relief from miseries. The yagya lays stress on the musical chanting patterns of the mantras that deal with the subtle forms of yagya pertaining to mental oblation in the deeper core of emotions.

The Yagya is the basis of good agriculture, physical, spiritual, mental and intellectual progress. One can get many from performing this yagya such as prosperity in the botanical kingdom of the earth, prosperity in food produced, good health and the pure environment through the removal of pollution.

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This Puja was highly effective for my sister who after marriage was facing problems at her husband's home. She was very disturbed and was not able to tackle the situation aseverything was going down. I advised her to consult an astrologer and AskGanesha advised this Yagya to them. Her situation just got better in a month and she is happy. All thanks to Askganesha.

By Mahima Katoch, housewife, Dubai

All thanks to for their timely support and understanding when I needed it the most. I visited this website 5 months back when I was searching for some Vedic Remedies for my bad financial condition. I was very unhappy and was feeling giving up, but the astrologers of this site helped me in changing my mind. Sarv Dukh Nivaran Yagya really helped me and now I am a happy person again with a stable life.

By Manmeet Singh, accountant, Amritsar

I agree with the effects of this Yagya as it is highly beneficial as it pacifies all the malefic nine planets and bring happiness. I ordered this Yagya and got the desired result as I was waiting for my wish to come true from a long time now. AskGanesha performed this Yagya for me at very nominal rates. They sent me timely images and videos of the Yagya. I will recommend everyone to take this Yagya once if anything in your life is not going good.

By Mayank Singh, Real Estate, Jaipur

I ordered this Yagya on the advice of my mother when things were not going my way. I was living in Mumbai due to my job and struggling with it. After performing this Yagya I got the desired results and is now leading a much stable professional life.

By Meghna Dayal, IT professional, Mumbai

This Yagya was advised to me by a Pandit as according to my chart things were not going to be my way in coming time. However, I kept postponing it and then suddenly I lost my job and was forced to sit at for a long time as no better prospects were visible. That's when I realized my mistake and immediately ordered Sarv Dukh Nivaran Yagya from AskGanesha. They were very helpful and did the Yagya at their temple with all Vidhi-Vidhan. I got a new job which is much better than the past one. I am very happy. Thanks Askganesha .

By Naina Dev, Marketing head, Pune

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