Shani (Saturn) Puja

Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Puja

Sade Sati or the Seven and a half years period of Saturn transit is one of the most feared astrological events in a person’s life. Sade Sati affects in many ways and has impact on many aspects of a person’s life.

Saturn when passes through the Moon that is considered as the lord of mind and emotions, suppresses the thought process, and clogs the mind from thinking rationally and taking right decisions. The irrational decisions taken during this phase brings troubles and adversities in the life of the person. This period can change the fate of the person completely. It becomes very important to do astrological remedies to save oneself from the malefic effects of Sade Sati.

Benefits of Sade Sati Dosh Nivaran Puja:
  • Sade sati Dosh Nivaran Puja is done to diminish the effects of the Saturn in transit.
  • Through this puja you will be able to pacify the malefic effects of Shani or Saturn.
  • It helps in bringing peace, happiness and prosperity in life.
  • Remove the ill effects of an ill placed or malefic Saturn.
  • Provides stability in your Personal and Professional life.
  • It creates favourable situation in your life.
  • Makes relationships and family life harmonious.
  • It helps one in overcoming debts and poverty.

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Sade sati puja helped my son in many ways. His patri was with dosh and his he had fights in marrige. He was disturb and wife gone to her father house. This puja happen and My son happy now

By Jagjit Singh, Retired Constable, Sonipat

I came to know about this puja from my friend, who already had got this puja done at Askganesha. I also got this puja done and now things are getting smooth in my life. My sincere thanks to Askganesha team for this puja

By Ramesh Yadav , Businessman Delhi

This puja has solved a lot of my troubles. I have peace and love in my family now. My children are performing well and my career is also growing steadily. I have paid half of my debts and soon will be free from this burden

By Sanjay Kumar Jha, Delhi , Store Manager

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