Pitr Dosh Nivaran Puja

About Pitr Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitra puja is a way to give respect to ancestors.

For the late departed ancestors prita paksh is observed once in a year in Bhadrapad / Ashwin months into the autumn. Its duration is of 15 days from Purnima (full moon) to Amavas (new moon). We also call it Shradh, Sharadh Pakhwada, Sharadh Parv, by which you get blessing from departed ancestors in which we repay to them by this ritual.

How performing Shradh benefits you?

The ritual of Shradh is a sacrificial fire performed for deceased ancestors and it is considered highly sacred. The benefits which are derived after performing the ritual of Shradh are mentioned in Smrutichandrika and many other holy texts in the form of verses. This gets you the blessings of your ancestors, brings in happiness and peace, and removes obstacles of the pitr dosh, overcome enemies, gain enlightment and helps in removing the past sins.

Shradh: The season of sacrifice and ancestral blessings

Shradh is commonly known as “Oblation Offerings on Pitru Paksha” which is an indispensable act in Hindu Tradition. It is a ceremony which is done to honour the ancestral souls. The benefit of deceased relatives, observed at fixed periods and on occasions of rejoicing as well as mourning. The ritual is yearly performed on the death anniversary of a Relative during the dark fortnight called “Pitru Paksha” in the month of Ashwin of the Hindu Vikram Samvat.

When is Shradh performed?

This is a custom unique to Hindu religion, the Mahalaya Shradh Pitru Paksh fortnight begins with Purnima in the Ashwin Month. It is believed that the Shradh performed during this period is highly auspicious as it reaches the deceased relatives instantly which make their souls rest in peace. Shradh can be performed on every Amavasya or the last day of the dark fortnight of a lunar month as well.

श्राद्धात् परतरं नान्यत् श्रेयस्करम् उदाहृतम् ।

The above verse in the Sanskrit means “Nothing is as superior as the ritual of Shradh. Therefore, a person having a pure intellect to discriminate between right and wrong should never abstain from performing Shradh”

Importance of performing Shradh

Every custom and tradition has its own place in Hindu mythology despite of which one can’t be far away from learning how it demands to be done. As per Science of Dharma, performing Shradh is an essential part of obeying Dharma.

Hindu mythology explains the belief about who can be called a “true Son”:

The son in the family protects people from the hell and this act is known as “Pun”. As per the verses from the Vedas goes, every son must perform rites like Shradh to enable his ancestors (Pitars) to reach higher subtle regions and to relieve them from experiencing innumerable sufferings. The Pitars bestows their grace and blessings upon their descendants. It becomes fully clear that this is the duty of those who call themselves putra (Son).

Another fact behind this is that repaying the debt to ancestors is considered of high importance and is compared to the repaying the debt to God, Sages and the society. It is considered an undeniable duty of descendants to respect their ancestors, make donations in their name and to undertake activities that will please them. The ancestors’ soul becomes fulfilled only after receiving “Pinda” and “water” from their son.

The bigger picture behind Shradh

Every ritual is performed with some sense of societal benefits as is the case with Shradh Offerings. The Shradh offerings to the ancestors are made through Brahmans and by donations to those who are handicapped and poor. Both are recommended for maximum 'tarpan' (relief) in the Hindu tradition.

Shradh is not a funeral ceremony but a form of Pitru-Yajna considered an act of sacrificing and offering selflessly. It is a form of prayer done earnestly to God and your ancestors which not only brings blessings but a form of happiness and prosperity in life.

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There were some problems going on in my family and upon consultation with Askganesha.com Astrologer, we got to know that we need to do Pitr Dosh Nivaran Puja. As our ancestors were angry with us on something done in the past. We have heard this advice from many other pundits as well. So we did the puja through askganesha.com and since then, the problems are less.

By Kamal Chauhan, Bank Manager, Punjab

This Puja is very important and very useful. It is advisable to do it every year for the pacification of the souls of ancestors/pitr. Me and my family perform Pitr Dosh Nivaran puja every year during the Shradhs and all is well with us and we hope that our great grand fathers and mothers are resting in peace.

By Keval Mehta, Import Export, Gujarat

In my family, there was a problem that every new born child was a girl. None of the couples could conceive a boy. It became an issue of concern. Our family pundit after taken so much time told us to do many pujas but they were of no use and the problem persisted. We then contacted Askganesha who told us about the pitr dosh and its nivaran. We got the puja done through them and now there are two new born boys as well in our family.

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