Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya

About Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya

Mahakaal Mritunjaey literally means 'Conqueror of death'. This miraculous Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya is very popular in Vedic tradition for alleviating diseases, emotional and physical disturbances or for ensuring a long and healthy life. This Yagya is also performed to give more strength to a normal healthy person, who are highly active in a responsible position and cannot afford even slight and minuscule illnesses.

This yagya is thought to be one of the most potent Yagya mentioned in Rig Veda & Shiv Puraan. It is believed to have power to take life back even if the person is in the edge of death. The Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya is performed for Lord Shiva to defend the person suffering from the sickness or to avoid premature death/ Akaal Mrityu. It also protects people from any wicked spirit/ Jadoo Tona/ Black magic and from any other possible occurrence. In some cases it is a long process, groups of sadhaks performing 51,000 Jaap for 11 days to complete, and then Havan or Homam take place on the last day.

Importance of Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya

Maha Mrityunjaya yagya is a very important Shiv Pooja that was started by Shukracharya. This yagya helps to save the devotees from any kind of threatening ailments or disease and to increase their lifespan. This is a life saving Yagya which creates the heavenly positive guard around the person, for whose wellbeing it is organized. Spectrum of optimistic energies and vibrations cancel out all the wicked and pessimistic forces and save the person from any kind of bad luck. It gives long harmonious life, prosperity, happiness, success and endless life.

Mantras chanted in this yagya

The mantra has many forms as well as names. The mantra in this yagya is also known as Rudra mantra as it has miraculous effects on the lives of the devotees who performs it. Chanting this mantra helps to relieve the individual from the death and rebirth cycle. And hence this mantra is also known as the moksha mantra.

Effects of Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya

In these days, when life has become very complicated and accidents are daily events, this great Yagya can protect you. The yagya done for people is due to the prevailing effect of the Mantras, some divine vibrations are produced which cancel out all the wicked forces, negative and in turn create a powerful defensive shield around the devotee saving from any misfortune or bad luck to happen.

Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya is done round the clock to avoid the danger when someone is unwell or wounded. This Yagna is a complicated, but highly helpful process for faster recovery from any kind of sickness and brings improvement in health. This yagya has strong remedial powers and helps to heal the chronic diseases, which are declared incurable by the doctors. The important offerings of this yagya are herb called amrita and durva grass

People who face health issues should perform this yagya. One can also perform this homam if he is facing legal issues or there is no way to come out of the critical situation. This yagya also removes the sins from the devotee's life and one can seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya

The manifold benefits of performing this yagya

  • It helps to overcome all the issues and problems in one's life
  • It also helps to remove all the bad and evil effects in the life of the individual.
  • It helps to achieve professional success and lead an ambitious life.
  • It also helps in opening the blocked energy points in the body and lead a very peaceful life.
  • It will also help to create a protection guard and bring harmony in the family .
  • In the yagya the recitation of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra helps to remove all the sins from the family and awakens the healing powers within the devotees.
Time of performing this Maha Mrityunjaya yagya

The auspicious day to perform this yagya is mainly during Maha Shivaratri. One can also perform the yagya during the month of Sawan or anytime one feels the need. Additionally, one can also perform it during Amavasya and Makarsankranti. One should definitely consult a priest to find the perfect time to perform this yagya.

Performing Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya

This potent and enlightening Yagya is a wonder-working remedy. It is a formula for longevity, good wellbeing and liberty from accidents. A long and healthy life is first necessary for every person to lead a joyful life.

This Yagya may cause a peaceful, painless and smooth passing of the soul and Moksha (salvation from the cycle of birth and death) to a person. This highly popular yagya is always suggested to ward off any major accident or ill health, perceived at the time of horoscope analysis.

You can contact AskGanesha to guide you and help you in performing this yagya.

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Top Customer Reviews

My wife was very ill from 1 year, no particular health issues can be detected. Even after lots of doctor visits, she was not able to gain her health. We then went for our last hope of Vedic remedies through Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya. Lord Shiva gave his blessings and my wife is now better now. Jai Mahadev.

By Kamlesh Singh, self-employed, Mathura

Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya is indeed the most powerful Yagya of Lord Shiva. One can feel its power in the start and slowly it starts forming its protective shield around your home and you can feel all misery in the surroundings fade. I myself felt it when it was being performed for the newly born at my home for his health. She is all cured now and living a normal childhood. Lord Shiva invoked his blessings on her and the family.

By Kritika Raut, Software engineer, Kolkata

AskGanesha is a great website as really helped me when all hopes were lost. My dad was fighting tumor and there was no hope for improvement. At that time my cousin asked me to give this website a chance he has already consulted the AskGanesha astrologers. I consulted them and ordered Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya for my father. They performed the puja or you can call it magic as it no less than a miracle for our family. My father is now fit and healthy in a much better shape. All thanks to AskGanesha.

By Mahima Pandey, Interior Designer, Pune

Mahakaal Mritunjaey Maha Yagya is a great remedy to save the person from any evil or probability of dieing. This Yagya was conducted for my elder brother when he met with an accident and was in hospital for days. AskGanesha whole-heartedly offered the prayers to Lord Shiva and my brother was able to revive from death. Thanks AskGanesha.

By Murukesh Malhotra, Delhi Police, Delhi

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