Maha Mritunjaya Maha Anusthan

About Maha Mritunjaya Maha Anusthan

The Maha Mritunjaya Maha Anusthan has helped many to resolve the problems in one's health and to overcome death inflicting period.

The Maha Mritunjaya Maha Anusthan is an 11 days process in which daily special ritual puja, hawan, donations, chanting of special mantras for health, fitness, wellbeing, protection from death causing negative influences is done. Along with this energizing of Yantra and special incense sticks is also done. The Yantra, incense sticks and vibhuti would be couriered to you after the completion of the Anushthan which you can place in home and would help you by creating a positive aura. This Anusthan is done by well versed and highly experienced purohits. You too can get this performed for the fulfillment of your desires.

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Anushthan will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

Top Customer Reviews

What can I write about this wonderful website who has literally given me my mother back. My mother was in the last stage of cancer and Doctors literally said that by no way whatsoever they can save my mother. We lost all hopes as we tried the door of every pandit but no one could help us. It was then who helped us get out of the situation. They performed Maha Mrityunjay 11 days pooja and Lord Shiva Mahadeva saved my mother from going to heaven. Om Namah Shivaay…..!

By Aaveg Sharma, Engineer, Mantua

I really like and all its services. It is an amazing website and I am in awe of how it works. It always delivers its services on time and the astrologer is very helpful. I contacted them because of a chronic disease I was suffering from. I ordered them Maha Mrityunjay puja to be done as I could not be present in the puja physically myself. They performed the puja and sent me various photos and yantras that really helped me get over bad times in life.

By Bhushan Dalakoti, student, Delhi

This Puja has restored my faith in God and his powers. I almost started to believe that God doesn't exist, it is then only my wife suffered from a very bad disease. Nothing worked and I almost thought that everything is over. Someone told me about the powers of Maha Mrityunjay Puja and its 11 days Anushthan and even bring dead from their graves. I did the puja and yes God saved mah wife.

By Dhruv Khattar, Market researcher, Noida

Maha mrityunjay japa alone is considered very powerful. One can imagine how effective its 11 days puja can be. I have seen the effects of the puja and I would recommend it to everyone who is facing problems in life and think that death is approaching towards their near ones. It can heal many problems.

By Parun Khatri, housewife, Chandigarh

Maha Mrityunjay Puja is done to make Lord Shiv ji happy and shoo away death vibes going around someone. It is the greatest puja and I have heard that it has helped many. I ordered this puja from to be done on the behalf of my son, who was fighting from a major acciddent. With the good blessings of Shiv ji and, my son was saved and he is living healthily now.

By Pranav Kharbanda, Marketing manager, Lima

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