Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya

About Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya

Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya helps you invoke material wealth and abundance. Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu (Narayana), and praying to them can bestow the devotees with wealth and prosperity. One can perform this yagya to seek help while overcoming financial difficulties, debts and relationship issues.

This yagya or homam is performed in honor of the divine couple Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayana (Lord Vishnu) who together symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The harmony of this union confers a special status for the yagya which can multiply your material and spiritual blessings. One should take the advantage of the opportunity to reach out to the deity who can shower you with their endless bounty and enjoy the prosperity and material wealth. The devotee should perceive a marked shift in the fiscal fortunes and achieve a financial stability while getting rid of hardships which can hamper the progress.

Reason behind performing this yagya:

Invoking the divine pair can bestow you with the capability and power to fulfill and achieve the financial success in the journey of life. According to sacred Vedic texts, the divine couple Narayana and Lakshmi can invoke the blessings to achieve the following aspects in life.

  • Alleviates financial sufferings.
  • Confers riches.
  • Break free from financial threats.
  • Achieve success in all your endeavors.
  • Enjoy monetary freedom.
  • Resolve relationship issues.
  • Acquire multi-tasking abilities.
  • Recover from financial problems.
  • This yagya brings all luck, wealth and prosperity in life.
  • Resolves financial debts and other financial related issues.

Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya is performed for a trouble-free and peaceful life. This is said to be very effective to fulfill the wishes and desires of a person or his family. It removes the obstacles and makes one successful in your job or any work one plans on doing. This yagya also removes misfortunes and brings good luck for the devotee. This Homam is believed to be beneficial for restoring the sudden financial crunch. It is also believed by devotees that this auspicious maha yagya or Homam gives new hopes to those who are jobless.

This yagya is also believed to be very effective for the success and spread of a business. This auspicious yagya may remove the financial or any other obstacles in your business and may bring smoothness in the running of the business.

The family bond which gradually gets disturbed due to the lack of mutual respect, love and trust between a husband and wife or between parents can be restored by performing this Hawan or homam in a periodic way.

We humans lives in a materialistic world and need wealth and material in abundance to fulfill the daily need. This yagya can bring good luck and prosperity, success and happiness for our healthy living. It is said that by offering Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya in periodic way with full devotion, the devotee may achieve all of the blessings of Devi Lakshmi and Lord Narayan together.

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Top Customer Reviews

My wife suggested me for this Yagya when we were facing a hard financial downfall. She asked askGanesha to perform this Yagya for us and I could feel my financial upheavals settle. All the debts were paid and I was actually getting more profit. There are no words how I can thank AskGanesha that helped me.

By Kuldeep Negi, Operation Manager, Mumbai

I was in a huge depression and was not able to get what I was aspiring in my business. Did lots of hard work, but no results. That's when I saw AskGanesha website and talked to their astrologers, they were very understanding and suggested me Lakshmi Narayan Maha Yagya. Their Purohits performed this Yagya and it was like a miracle happened. I got a good job and is earning fairly well. Lakshmi Narayan may have blessed me finally.

By Kushagra Behel, Engineer, Australia

AskGanesha have been helping me since a long time relted to all spheres of life. Recently I ordered this Yagya due to some family unrest at my home related to finances. Now it is all settled, all thanks again to astrologers and Purohits. They all are really positive people. Thanks a lot.

By Mamta Singh, Teacher, Madhya Pradesh

A lot of negative things were happening in my life continuously and I have lost all hope. Nothing will get better was all I that I was thinking. That's when my friend said that a Yagya from a good place might help my condition. But I was living in a different city than my family, so I ordered the Yagya online and they did all the process with all Vidhi Vidhan and I can feel the positvity again entering my life.

By Manjesh Shrivastava, Phd Student, Banglore

I have ordered this yagya from AskGanesha to be done by their Purohits. They charge very feasible amount for it but in turn gives a lot of benefit. My business literally boomed after performing this Yagya and I regained the losses that happened. Thanks Askganesha .

By Pradeep Kaushik, Businessman, Patna

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