Ladoo Gopal (Krishna) Puja and Homam

About Ladoo Gopal (Krishna) Puja and Homam

Ladoo Gopal Puja is a boon when there are obstacles or delay in progeny and some complications/obstacles arises during pregnancy. Ladoo Gopal Homam is performed for childless couple, who wish to have a child. This Puja is performed on your behalf, to beget a child. Those who are expecting, shall also perform this Puja for healthy and intelligent child.

Children are nature's gift for the happiness of a family. When a native is devoid of a child, the life becomes hell. The peace of mind in spite of having all comforts of life or otherwise becomes upset if there is no child or any issue out of the couple. After performing this Homam one will be blessed with a child who earn lot of wealth, property, gain, and prosperity in life.

Those who wish progeny, good health of child, proper development of pregnancy, prevent miscarriage, success in endeavours, worldly enjoyment and the financial emancipation shall attain it by performing this Homam.

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Yes,this is a very good pooja. My sister also got this pooja done and she told us to do it . When my wife had three miscarriages in a row, we did not know what the problem was. We conducted this pooja and as it turned out we were able to appease our dear ladoo gopal . He blessed us and their was no further miscarriage. Now we have three months old son and we have God to thank.

By Lavang Vardhaan, IAS, Delhi

We were facing problems in conceiving a child, as we didn't try to conceive in the first 5 years of marriage. Doctors gave pills but no help. We talked to many couples and one of them told us that they have seen the same problems. They have got the ladoo Gopal puja done. We did the same and it was very very good. My wife conceived our first baby within 3 months of the puja, we are blessed with 2 kids now.

By Madhur Mittal, Property dealer, Noida

I have found, a very good website .The team is very supportive and they quickly answer the queries. Recently I have ordered Ladoo gopalpooja as we were having problems in conceiving our second baby. We were really worried and then one of our friend recommended this site to us. Ask did the pooja for us and their fees was very low. Pooja was very effective and my wife was able to conceive within first month of pooja.

By Saurabh Gupta, IT professional, Amsterdam
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