Ketu Puja and Homam

About Ketu Puja and Homam

Ketu Puja is dedicated to God Ketu . This Puja gives a person courage to fight illness and gives peace of mind during the periods and sub-periods of Ketu in life.

In Hindu mythology, Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. It has a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. Ketu Puja is recommended for those having malefic Ketu or ill placed Ketu in their horoscope.

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Top Customer Reviews

Rahu and ketu are scary planets that sound dangerous even if some pundit casually uses their names, it's like villain trying to find you. When I first heard I have ketu going around my horoscope, I couldn't believe my ears. But with passing tym, I accepted the hard truth. I performed the Ketu Puja with strict rules and rituals. Thankfully, it worked for me.

By Akansha Khurana, Airforce, Bikaner

I have used services many times and not once has it disappointed me, though they take a little time to reply but the wait is worth it. They deliver great services at a very low prices. I am kind of a fan of I did the ketu puja and it helped me achieve good place in my career.

By Amit Singhal, Professor, Jaipur

Ketu was very heavy on my kundli bcos I was suffering from a long term illness. I didn't want to go to any pundit as they are all frauds so I go to doctors and took many medicines but nothing cured my illness. I then took advice of and ordered the Ketu Puja, they asked me to do just one thing that was to keep true belief in the God. They performed the puja and my health got better with each passing day.

By Kunal Upadhyay, Software Engineer, Poland

I agree with you all. It is a very good website. I once went to it with my problem on which I was very very upset. They listened to me patiently and made sure that I am satisfied with their consultation. Their sweet attitude made me relaxed, they show a brighter side of life. I took their advice and performed the pooja. It helped me and the reason of my anxiety and sadness is gone now. The website lives up to its name completely.

By Shailesh Tyagi, CS, Noida

My family pundit asked me to carry on this puja to pacify planet Ketu in my horoscope which was creating problems in my life. My health and professional life was getting bad day by day. I could not concentrate on my career. I have been using askganesha's services for over a year now so I decided to do it through them. As it turned out, the puja did pretty well for me.

By Tarang jain, businessman, London

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