Ganapati Puja

About Ganapati Puja

Benefits of Lord Ganapati Puja :
  • Ganpati Puja and Homam are done for prosperity, happiness and fulfilment of all wishes.
  • Overcome obstacles that are met during the path of success.
  • Helps to get success in any and every academic field.

Why you should perform Ganpathy Puja?

The energy that is unearthed from the Homam surrounds everyone with munificence; Invocation of the two enables the worshipper with wealth and prosperity. Like all the pujas done, this puja is also performed for reverence and to create an aura that is pure and lead a sinless life, and freedom from re-birth.

Lord Ganesha is the supreme god.

Ganapati is worshipped before every deity in puja or any ritual. Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is the festival when Indians participate and celebrate Ganapati Puja in India. Lots of poojas will be done for Lord Ganesha in temples as well as at homes. People love to perform this puja with all family members and purohits perform pujas at right and auspicious muhurats for the benefit of families.

People doing Ganpati puja at home worship image or idol of Lord Ganesha, offer colorful flowers, Druva Grass, Modak (ladoo - sweet), Coconut, Sandalwood paste (chandan) and also use Incense sticks. if you are doing Ganesha Puja in your home, you need not to be very strict.

The rituals are followed by Vedic pandits and purohits who perform Ganapati puja for you in temples. If you wish to get Ganesh Puja performed for you and your family in a temple, you can book your puja right now with AskGanesha.

Purohits will do the rituals, you need to work on your faith and devotion, which is more important.

You just need to do prayers and here on your behalf, purohits will do all arrangements, decoration and other ritualistic procedure to appease your deity Ganapati.

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My family's happiness was under threat. Everyday something happened and we did not know what was wrong. We consulted the astrologer of He advised to perform Puja to Lord Ganesha given the circumstances. We ordered the Puja from itself. Lord Ganesha blessed us with his powers and happiness made their way back to our home.

By Mihika Khandoja, Newspaper Editor, kerala

Given that Ganpati Puja is a very strict puja and its rituals are very strict and need full attention. So I ordered the same from, they took care of all the decorations and materials. Well versed purohit was arranged and the money they took was very less. We are happy that we could do the Puja.

By Paavan Arora, CS, Gurgaon

Ganpathy Puja proved very effective for me. After I got the puja done from, all my wishes came true without any obstacles. I got a great job in a good firm. I got my happiness back and my health is also great. Their fees is very less and you can easily afford it.

By Parul Kalra, Professor, New Delhi

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