Janam Divas Puja or Birthday Puja

About Janam Divas Puja or Birthday Puja

Birth day is the most important day of one's life. It is always advisable to perform Puja and Homam on your birthday to attain wishes from Deities. Your Homam will be done after calculating the right time on your birth day.

This Puja is recommended to everyone as remembering deities, Gods and Goddesses and feeding the things through Homam to all deities and planets will give happiness in future life.

This Homam will be performed on your behalf on your birthday and the sweets will be distributed to children or needy people after the Homam through the hands of members of AskGanesha.com on your behalf.

Pictures of Birthday Puja performed for AskGanesha Client on order

Top Customer Reviews

I have consulted many astrologers but didn't ever found as knowledgeable astrologer as Mr Abhishek Dhawan. He is very understanding and calmly explain the root of the problem. He gives one remedy for the problem and everything sets back to how it was. It is a great website.

By Ajay Jain, gemstone Analyst, Jharkhand

Askganesha.com is the best website I have been to. The astrologer is very sweet and patiently listen to all the problems. He suggests the gemstones or pujas whatever is required to solve the problems. Money doesn't seem to be his motto. He has suggested me many remedies in the past and they have all worked very well for me. I recently used their birthday homam service and they did it very pretty well.

By Rajveer Shrivastava, jewellery Designer, Jaipur

I have been getting my bday puja done thru askganesha.com from two years. And from 2 years my bday is going very well. I get to hear one good news every year. Last year I got the news of my new job. This puja is good for overall progression. It should be performed every year.

By Sakshi Behl, Creative head, Gurgaon

I have aalso used Askagnesha.com's services and they are very helping in nature. When ever I disturb them regarding any query, they are very quick to reply. I do my childrens burday puja from them only as they are very expert at the pujas. They are arrange the punditjis and all the samagiris. They also send the photos of the burday puja, punditji sit and do all the puja.

By Taru Mittal, housewife, Karnataka

My parents always used to perform puja on my birthday every year with all the rituals and pundits. This time they were with me out of India and thus could not perform the puja. So I ordered the puja to be done through Askganesha.com. We did not have to physically present over there but they took good care of all the things. The puja went really well.

By Yuvaan Sharma, MBA student, London

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