Arisht Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja and Homam

About Arisht Gun Dosh Nivaran Puja and Homam

This Homam is especially to minimize the ill effects of the Gun Dosha. When the number of Gunas matching are less this Homam helps in reducing the malefic effect of the planets. A special string of Mantras are recited and the Havan is done after the puja.

It is one of the most powerful homa for happy married life.

It is performed for removing the bad effects of Gan Dosh, Bhakut Dosh and Nadi Dosh found during the match making of a couple.

Top Customer Reviews

Before I decided to get married, I had never heard of this Puja. Me and my girlfriend had problems in our match making as guns were not getting matched. I consulted Mr Abhishek Dhawan and he told me about this puja. I got it done and amazing you can say, the problems in our horoscope were stopped to exist. We are married for 6 months now and are happy.

By Deepanshu Gupta, AM, Tamil Nadu

Nice website and nice work done. Got Arisht gun nivaran puja done and it is very effective. Less costly and very good. Highly recommended boss!

By Divyanshi Gupta, Boutique owner, Jaipur

Internet has created a revolution. I am very happy that all kinds of facilities can be availed sitting out of home country as well. I ordered a puja to be done for my gun dosha sitting here and hassle free, it went off. I got all the details and it proved very effective in my case.

By Ira pachori, Receptionist, Sharjah is good website, I have used many of its services. Specially its paid services are highly accurate and genuine. I got this Puja done to appease the gun dosha in my kundli. Everything went well and I m happily married now. The price of the service is not too much considering that local pundits can loot you as the as they please.

By Mayank Chandrakar, Engineer, Patna

I have also used this service of Of course it is good. But even the other services are better. I am connected to this amazing website which is very genuine and tries to help everyone that comes to its doors. Thank you so much.

By Toshali Pandey, Housewife, Bristol

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