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vishnu mantra

Lord Vishnu Mantra

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The above mentioned mantra is used to worship both Lord Vishnu and Lord krishna. The mentions of this mantra can be traced into the Tantric and Puranic traditions. According to both the theories this mantra is declared to be the most powerful mantra for Lord Vishnu.

The Puranic traditions believe that this mantra takes the blessings of Narada Muni and the tantric tradition believes it to take the blessings of Prajapati. A person when chants this mantra, is believed to plead Lord Narayan to his mind and household. This mantra not only benefits you but its fruits are reaped by all those around you. The Lord when enters your home takes care of the overall wellbeing of your family's health, finance, happiness and prosperity.

Lord Vishnu is the one who takes care of the overall functioning of the Universe created by Lord Brahma and the sages believe this mantra to be supreme of all Vishnu mantras.

Mantra of Lord Vishnu

|| Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya namah ||

Top Customer Reviews

After chanting this mantra, Vishnu enters our mind and all good things happen to me.

By Neha Gupta, C.A., Delhi

This Mantra brought well being and prosperity to my family. Thanks to AskGanesha.

By Hari Narayan, Tea stalls Owner, Ahom

I used to recite this mantra everyday and now leading a peaceful and happy life.

By Anjana Kashyap, Journalist, Noida

I am going through lots of troubles in my life and was not satisfied with my life then I start chanting this mantra after getting consulted with Askganesha astrologers and this mantra gives me the strength to overcome troubles and gives me success.

By Rajesh Kumar, Custom officer, Mumbai

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