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vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran Mantra

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Vashikaran is the mantra for the time when your love has abandoned you or the love is out of your control, and you want to bring the love back or gain control of your love, you can use Vashikaran mantra.

Vashikaran mantra helps you get your lover in your favour to lead a happy life.

The Significance of the Vashikaran mantra is to influence the mind of the person you are in love with, in order to make you more likeable and make them agreeing with you.

In order to attain proper siddhi of the Vashikaran mantras there are Viddhi (procedures) that are to be followed. Once the Vashikaran mantra is Siddh, you should chant at least one rosary to keep the influence strong.

A simple way to siddh the Vashikaran mantra is to chant 21 mala of the mantra, followed by a dashansh homam (one tenth of the total chants). Keep a kalash of water next to the hawan kund while you perform the homam.

Vashikaran Mantra


ॐ हम (नाम) मई वश्यं कुरु कुरु स्वः

Top Customer Reviews

I was facing a lot of issues with my wife. Our thinking doesn't match with each other and that is why our relationship was about to come to an end. And then one of my friends suggest me of Askganesha and by taking the service of this mantra our relationship improves. We both started understanding each other and she started loving me more than anything in the world.

By Manoj Kumar, Pharmacist, Bangalore

I and my boyfriend were in a serious relationship for 5 years and we both love each other but suddenly he broke up with me without any serious reason. After some time I came to know from our common friend that a girl from our group created misunderstandings between us and she is taking advantages from our issues and then I tried to seek out the issue with my boyfriend but he was so influenced with her that he doesn't believe me. Then I took mantra service from askganesha when I got to know about them from their website. Now I and my boyfriend was very happy together and planning for our marriage.

By Akansha Gupta, Graphic designer, Shimla

I was going through lots of problems in my love life. My life was not at all stable earlier. My boyfriend got attached to someone else. I put all my efforts to get him back but all my efforts go in vain. After that one of my friends suggested me to take the help with askganesha, they suggested me of this mantra service and after taking this service all my problems will start resolving easily. Now, my boyfriend knows my worth and love me more than before and this could happen only because of askganesha service.

By Sunaina Raichand, Assistant officer, Adelaide

I was facing problem with my lover, he was going to get married with the girl of his parents choice. We were in relation for 6 years and he was not able to console his parents for mary with me then I came to know about askganesha from my facebook and I took this mantra services from them. After that his parents agreed for the marriage and now I am living a happy married life with my lover and his family.

By Kavita, Nurse, Haryana

I recite this mantra through proper vidhi as said by the Askganesha astrologers and I really get benefited in getting back the love of my life. One of my close friends referred Askganesha to services to me when he saw me depressed due to my issues.

By Jaydeep Patel, Builder, Gujrat

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