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uma maheshwari mantra

Uma Maheshwari Mantra

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Uma is another name of Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva and Maheshwari is none other than the Lord Shiva himself. Uma Maheshwari Puja or mantra has been proven to be immensely beneficial for married couple's life. The recitation of the mantra brings harmony in the married life of the aspirant couple. It ensures to save the marriage from all kinds of evil forces and eliminate any kind of discord coming in the way of happy married life of the couple.

The Dev Puranas states that any couple carrying out Uma Maheshwari homam is blessed with an everlasting and happiness filled married life. The mantra recitation homam can also performed by the well versed Askganesha purohits

Uma Maheshwari Mantra

Order for Mantra Recitation


Namashivaabhyam Vishamekshanabhyam,
Bilwachhadhamallikadhama Brudbhyam,
Shobhavathi Santhavatheeswarabhyam,
Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam


Salutations to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shivaa, Who are our immediate solace in difficult times,
Who both wear the garland made of Vilwa leaves And Jasmine flowers,
Who are resplendent with abounding peace, Salutations and salutations to Lord Sankara
And to that Goddess Parvathy.

    21000 mantras recitation
    51000 mantras recitation
    1.25 mantras recitation

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