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shakti mantra

Shakti Mantra

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The Mantra basically addresses Maha Sakti, i.e. Goddess Durga. She is also known as Adi Shakti, Mahadevi, Parvati or simply just Shakti. Adi Parashakti means "The Eternally Limitless Power". She is the Power beyond this universe. She is the active energy that can both create and destroy the entire universe. When there was nothing in existence, a light emerged and took the form of Adi Shakti. She has three eyes, trishul, shield, mace, bow, arrow, chakra, long sword, one hand shown as abhaya mudra and she was sitting on a lion.

The benefits of reciting this Mantra is to encourage, centralization of mind, and for quickly achieving, aspirations and goals, and aside from attaining boldness and vitality. This mantra also dispels negativity from brain and body, with increase in courage and quality, subsequently the stress, sorrow and nervousness vanishes and there is increase in concentration.

Shakti Mantra


ॐ एएम ह्रींम श्रीम चामुण्डायै विच्चे नमः

Top Customer Reviews

Usually, I got depressed easily over small issues and since then I started chanting this mantra when suggested by, I got the strength to overcome all the issues and get bold enough to deal with all my problems.

By Sumit Jalan, Textile designer, Bharatpur

Due to my continuous failures in life, my mind is filled with negative energies and I am not able to improve my messed up life, then I go to this website and they suggest me to recite this mantra and through this my mind got positivity and a vital energy started boosting up in me which gives me the courage to resolve all the issues in my life.

By Neha Khuranna, Web developer, Bhubhneshwar advised me to recite this mantra to overcome all my stress, sorrow and nervousness. This mantra really works in overcoming my sorrows, and it removes all the negativities from my life.

By Akash Dhawan, Tax advisor, Nasik

I used to recite this mantra everyday as suggested by due to the problems in my life. This mantra boosts me up to achieve the desired goals in my life.

By Sandeep Kapoor, Software developer, Sydney

Thanks to for their mantra remedy for all my problems. I really get benefited from this mantra.

By Vidhya Sharma, Graphics designer, Ranchi

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