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bajrang mantra

Bajrang Mantra

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Regular recitation of Hanuman Bajrang Mantra builds a man's versatility and he rises triumphant in each difficult circumstance.

Hanuman Bajrang mantra defeats the troubles or issues one may experience in getting a desire satisfied. Hanuman Mantra is accepted to scatter apparitions and spirits and avert diseases.

It is additionally utilized for accomplishing physical quality, stamina and power.

Mantra of Lord Hanuman


जय हनुमान बजरंगी, गदा अब तोह उठाओगे
दमन करोगे शत्रु का, विजय डंका बजाओगे


Aum aanjaneyaaya vid-mahe vaayu-putraayaya dheemahi
tanno hanumatah prachodayaat


We pray to the son of Goddess Anjani and the son of the "Wind"...
May Lord Hanuman lead our intellect towards intelligence and "knowing".

Top Customer Reviews

I was keeping unwell for a long time no cure, would do any effect then I Heard of AskGanesha Hanuman mantra, I started saying it then I was good now.

By Neela Roy, Housewife, Kolkatta

My father not well had cancer, he was going through treatment, I saw FB post, I came to know about the hanuman Mantra, and I used it. He is better now.

By Akash Mehra, BPO, Gurgram.

I used to recite this mantra everyday and now leading a peaceful and happy life.

By Anjana Kashyap, Journalist, Noida

I am going through lots of troubles in my life and was not satisfied with my life then I start chanting this mantra after getting consulted with Askganesha astrologers and this mantra gives me the strength to overcome troubles and gives me success.

By Rajesh Kumar, Custom officer, Mumbai

I am grateful to God that I came across this website. They suggested the Hanuman mantra and by chanting this mantra every day I get enough strength to deal with all my issues.

By Parth Sakhuja, Legal advisor, Shimla

This mantra gives me strength and vitality. I used to chant this hanuman mantra every day and I am getting success in my field of work.

By Hardik Bhosle, Financer, Vadodara

So grateful for Askganesha website, it gives me a way to my life. By chanting the Hanuman mantra everyday I get the desired satisfaction and boundless vitality.

By Sagar Ahuja, Medical Assistant, Finland

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