Mantra for Peace and Happiness


This mantra for attaining peace is a powerful mantra that should be understood first and then chanted, it is bound to change one’s life for better. It is a positive mantra that creates a powerful sound vibration that aligns the mind, body and soul with the divine energy that ultimately leads one on the path of tranquility and nirvana. This mantra helps one achieve calmness in one’s own life and as well as in the lives of other people one is surrounded with.

This mantra should be done on regular basis and is one of the best mantra to overcome emotional imbalance, depression, anxiety etc.

Mantra for Peace:


|| ॐ सर्वेशां स्वस्तिर्भवतु ||

Top Customer Reviews

I and my boyfriend were in a relationship for 4 years but the girl family was not ready for our marriage and then I came to know about Askganesha they suggested me of this mantra to chant on every Friday by following the procedure. I did all the things with pure serenity and devotion. This works and we both are happily married now.

By Anand Desai, Wholesaler, Malad

The first time I enlisted the services of Askganesha I was a little skeptical about these services and didn't trust anyone, but quickly put those fears to rest. The personnel I was interacting with were great and thoroughly explained the process to me and I do accordingly, and my life changes after that, my desires were fulfilled. The girl I want in my life is now my wife.

By Bunty Sharma, Travel Agent, Califonia

I used to chant this mantra every Friday to get the love of my life. After the 3 months a met a girl and now she took a special place in my life.

By Harsh Mehra, Lab technician, Jaipur

I want to show my appreciation to Askganesha for the valuable suggestions for my problems. This mantra service is really benefited me.

By Naomi Charles, Chief Executive, Fizzy

I am in search of a true love but didn't get it. Then I get to know about Askganesha and opt their sincere advice, and I found a girl who is really special for me and a very honest and loyal girl.

By Nimish Gupta, Online tutor, Gandhinagar

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