Amethyst - Gemstone

The amethyst crystal has been admired the most since ages. This crystal has been used from beads in jewellery to amulets in ancient Greeks and Romans. They believe that this crystal is associated with luxury, and were worn as a part of their crown, or rings. Its colour symbolizes the royalty.

It is better not to wear the gemstone just on the basis of your rashi or sun sign. Kindly opt our Gem Consultancy Report (worth Rs. 700/- only) in order to know if gemstone Amethyst is going to suit you.

Gem Stone - Amethyst

Healing properties of Amethyst :

This stone is thought of as a protective nature and works as a healing agent. As this stone is linked with the crown chakra, it helps in cutting off the negative thoughts and cleansing the mind and soul. The stress arises from negativity and anxiety can be released by meditating with amethyst crystal. Its healing properties are really helpful in work-related stress, as the stone is associated with the wealth and luxury. Therefore, it helps in reliving from stress and get prosperity and wealth. It can also be used in increasing effectiveness in your work.

The crystal has very powerful energy of purifying and healing properties. It attracts positive energy and cut out negative thoughts. It has the strongest powers to get rid of negative energies from your home or any other place by placing the gemstone over there. This crystal enhances your intuition power and helps your in your spiritual growth. While meditating with this crystal helps you in getting the deeper connection with your beliefs and spirituality. If you are in search of your inner peace and calmness you can take the help of this crystal.

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