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kamika ekadashi

Kamika Ekadashi

Location of the celebration of festival: India

Main Attraction

Best period for worshipping Lord Vishnu

Kamika Ekadashi is observed on the day of ekadashi during the Krishna paksha of Shravan month. Kamika Ekadashi is the best period for worshipping Lord Vishnu. Devotees keep a fast on this day to get relief from sins, problems and misdeeds. Ekadashi eliminates all issues, troubles and worries from life and fulfils all desires of devotees. Kamika Ekadashi is considered to be the best time for worshipping Lord Vishnu. Get the lord Vishnu puja done.

Kamika Ekadashi Story

In ancient times, there lived a landlord in a village. Once he had a fight with a Brahmana and he killed that Brahmana out of anger and annoyance. The landlord wanted to regret by being involved in Brahmana's cremation rituals, but was denied the permission. Therefore, he was cursed with a Brahmana's killing. The landlord asked a saint if he could get rid of his bad deeds. The saint advised him to keep a fast on Kamika Ekadashi. The landlord observed a fast in the same way as he was told by the saint. At night, the landlord was sleeping besides the Lord's idol. Lord Vishnu appeared in his dream and forgave him for all his sins and bad deeds.

Kamika Ekadashi Worship.

On the day of Ekadashi, devotees should take a bath early in the morning. Then they should offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. The person should not consume water during the fasting. Panchamrit, flowers, fruits, milk and sesame seeds should also be offered to Lord Vishnu. Feeding a Brahmana and giving him some money to poor people and Brahmins holds immense importance and benefits on the day of Kamika Ekadashi.

Kamika Ekadashi 2016 Importance

Worshipping Lord Vishnu on Kamika Ekadashi gives auspicious results. Taking baths in places of religious pilgrimage is also considered to be favourable on this day. Kamika Ekadashi is as auspicious as Ashwamedha yagya. A person should take a bath early morning and offer various delights and delicacies to Lord Vishnu.

Worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day also helps a person to get freedom from Pithru dosha. A person is able to free himself of material desires and attains salvation. It is said that a person worshipping Lord Vishnu during Shravan month is blessed and gets equal results as worshipping snakes and gandharva. Lord Vishnu is most impressed and influenced when he is worshipped with Tulsi leaves. A person worshipping Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaves is able to free himself of all sins and wrong doings.

Kamika Ekadashi worship gives results equivalent to yagyas. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on Kamika Ekadashi. A person worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day gets auspicious results.

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