Shesha Naag

Shesha also known as Sheshnaag, is the supreme or king of all the nagas (serpents). He is said to balance the world and all the planets under his hood. Sheshnaag is a diligent servent of Lord Vishnu and he is always sings in the glory of Lord Vishnu. Sheshnaag is usually shown floating in the ocean, he has 5 to 7 heads and each of his head dons a crown. He is said to have taken avatars with Lord Vishnu. He was incarnated as Laxmana, the brother of Lord Rama and as Balrama, the brother of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama were both incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He served Lord Vishnu in each of his incarnation with pure devotion. He is shown as floating in the ocean upon which Lord Vishnu lays calmly and besides him, sits Lord Vishnu's consort Goddess Laxmi. He is sometimes referred to as 'Ananta shesha' meaning endless shesha and sometimes 'Adishesha' meaning the first shesha. Shesha is a Sanskrit word that refers to 'remainder' in English, thus Shesha Naag is someone which remains even when everything else cease to exist. In Puranas, he is referred to as Lord Sankarshana, the trasmic energy of Lord Vishnu himself. He is believed to exist even before the universe was created and he will remain when the universe will end, he possess the powers to destroy the universe and create a new one. He is believed to live in the deep layers of Patala. Thus Shesha Naag is referred to as manifestation of Lord Vishnu himself.

The most prominent temple of Shesha naag is Sheshampadi temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

Shesha Naag Puja

Shesha naag puja is considered amazing to remove kal sarp dosha from the kundli of a person. It is believed that chanting of mantras from sunrise till sunset with complete vidhi can remove all kinds of negative influeneces from the kundli of the affected person. It is considered best to get this puja done with the help of a knowledgeable Purohit.

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I have kalsarpdosha in my kundli and I performed many pujas to get rid of the dosha but nothing really happened. I got hold of and got to know about SheshaNaag puja. I performed the puja through and their arranged purohit and this time puja worked in my favour and things got better.

By Anil Aggarwal, MLA, UP

I was suffering from many problems and then my pundit told me that I have Kalsarpdosha in my horoscope and that's why I was suffering from so many problems. Upon my astrologer's recommendation, I performed Sheshnaag puja and it benefited me a lot. In fact I feel lighter now and my brain works better.

By Pallavi Chopra, fashion stylist, Delhi

Hi all. I live out of India and that is why pujas and homam are not possible for me to perform in the right manner. I wanted to do SheshNaag puja and it was getting delayed and then someone told me that provides this amazing service where you can pay them to perform the puja on your behalf. I availed this service and without any hassle, I got away by performing the puja in the ritualistic manner.

By Nohit Arora, CA, Canada

Kalsarp dosh is a very deadly dosh which can make anyone's life miserable. My married life was greatly affaected by this dosh and I wanted to get rid of this. SheshNaag Puja was something that could help me. So I performed the puja with the help of our pundit and it turned out to be amazing for me and my wife.

By NehaDhingra, Finance advisor, Haryana

I was not feeling well from a couple of months. Doctors tested me but all the tests were normal, they said that it is because of the exhausting schedule I have. But then I went to my pundit who told me that some negativity was looming over me and my horoscope. I performed Sheshnaag puja and after some time, I noticed considerable improvement in my health.

By Abhimanyu Gupta, Advertising officer, Mumbai

Shesha Naag Puja