Lord Ganesha is often referred to as 'Lambodar'. 'Lambodar' literally means 'the one who has a pot belly'. Lord Ganesha is also known as Ganpati, Vinayak in Hinduism. Lord Ganesha is widely worshipped all over the world by the hindus. His temples are found throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Apart from Hindus, he is also worshipped by Jains and Buddhists. The most notable characteristic in the image of Lord Ganesha is his elephant head which has a complete story behind it. He is known as 'Vighana harta' meaning the one who removes all kinds of obstacles. Due to his intelligence and devotion to his parent, he earned the honour of being worshipped at the beginning of any Puja or Homam. He is known as the Lord of Beginnings.

Lord Ganesha is the son of supreme God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. According to legends, Lord Ganesha was created by the Goddess Parvati by her own filth. As the story goes, one day Lord Ganesha was guarding the gate while Goddess Parvati was taking bath inside. Lord Shiva appears and demands to meet Goddess Parvati, unaware of Lord Shiva's powers, Lord Ganesha denies Lord Shiva to meet his consort. Lord Shiva gets really angry and chops off the head of Lord Ganesha. Seeing this Goddess Parvati sets out to end the world in anger and to stop her from doing so, Lord Shiva fumes life in to the body of Lord Ganesha and pasting the head of an elephant on his body. Lord Ganesha is also known to be powerhouse of knowledge and intelligence. One day when all Devas begin to compete in the race of who is the fastest when it comes to cover the complete universe, all Devas set out on their vehicle and began a furious race. Lord Ganesha's vehicle is a rat and he is in no competition with all the other Devas. Instead he made three rounds around his parents and justified his win by stating that Parents are a child's universe. Impressed by Ganesha's intelligence, Lord Shiva blesses him with the honour of the title 'Lord of the beginnings'.

How to worship Lord Lambodar

Lord Ganesha blesses his devotees with unbound happiness and luck. The one who worships him is blessed with good health, happiness, intelligence and get rid of financial problems and hurdles coming in the way of completion of a work. A puja or homam can be performed by chanting his mantra for a specific period of time and making offerings to the God. It can also be performed by a well versed purohit.

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Lord Ganesh is known for his intelligence and good judgement skills. My son was extremely low in his studies. I did not know what I should do to make his brain sharper. Astrologer of is very nice and experienced. He suggested that puja for Lord Ganesha will help my child enlighten his brain. The puja really worked for me and I believe all the parents must perform this puja for their kids.

By Tarini Jatak, Audit Assistant, Gurgaon

I agree with the above review. Lord Ganesha always bless his lovable. He is the Vighna harta. I also performed puja for him through who performed it on my behalf and also shared the puja photos with me. One of my work was pending approval from govt from a long time. After the puja, the govt approved it and it is going well now. It is all a magic of God Ganesha.

By Kanak Sharma, Chef, Auckland

Yes it is true that Ganesh Bhagwan is for real and always help those who prays to him with a pure heart and good intentions. Also is one of the greatest websites I have come across. These people are always there to help others and they have helped me always. I also recommended this website to others and they have also thanked me a lot of times. Last they performed Lord Ganesha Puja for me and it really did the magic.

By Mona Ahuja, teacher, Mumbai

I performed Lord Ganesha puja to improve my health. I got a cervical attack once and my pundit told me that it is because Budh in my horoscope is bad, and I should perform Lord Ganesha puja. Since then I started going to Ganesha temple every Wednesday and also performed his one time all day puja. Since then I have not faced any kind of health problems.

By Medhavi Vidhu, Customer care executive, Noida

Lord Ganesha bring happiness and joy to every home he is worshipped in. We started to worship him ever since we were told that all the problems in our home will stay away and will go forever if we perform his puja. His Puja not only solves problems but also bring positivity and happiness to the mind.

By Divya Dave, housewife, Pune

Lambodar Puja

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