Yogabhyas for wealth

26 September, 2020

Will you believe if it is said that Yogabhyas can help in gaining wealth? But this is true!  We all are living in a world which is run with money only. In this world, money is not only needed to survive but also to gain peace of mind and respect.

If money is so important then what should be our approach towards it? We do physical exercises to keep our body fit and meditation to keep our mind peaceful and sound, but when funds are scarce, neither physical exercised nor meditation helps. Practically speaking only good health and a peaceful mind are not good enough to feed us and pay our bills, because we have not renounced this world and need everything to live a happy life. But this good health and a sound, peaceful mind can certainly earn us food and pay our bills if they are put to work. Now working and assembling wealth are two different things. Earning just to make ends meet is not what we all work for. We all wish to earn maximum and have a hefty bank balance. 

Now the question arises how Yogabhyas can or Yoga as we call it, helps in earning wealth? When we do asans during yogabhyas, we become conscious about how we acquire the pose or the position. If we approach the wealth with the same attitude and consciousness as we do while doing yoga or meditation, we can put profound wisdom, sharp approach and personal insight towards earning and managing our finance or wealth.

Yog Asans and wealth

There is a lot of similarities between asans and your financial strategic investment planning. Let us take some insights from yogasans.

When we do yoga, most of us find asans uncomfortable in the beginning, later we realise how powerful these asans are! How does it happen? It happens when you allow your body to merge with the movements required for doing asans. When you let something tough and hard to emerge, you realise your self-worth and you align with what you really are or what you really can do. You just need to apply the same approach to your angst for wealth. Let the tough stuff emerge and know how much you can do to earn your wealth.

Asans teach us strength and flexibility and when we hold the tough asans for a while, we learn to hold on to the tenacious situations and conditions. It also teaches to hold on our precious wealth and not to let it get loose or wasted. 

Going to any asan not only need strength but also more importantly the flexibility. This flexibility is needed in various conditions while earning money too. 


For example, when we do the Bandha Sarvangasana or the Bridge Pose, we focus on our flexibility. It implies to our financial prosperity too. We should not remain stuck with a single asset, instead, think about other assets doing good too. So the mantra for your financial gains is to be flexible in asset allocation.

Focus and Balance

The balancing acts done while performing the Natarajasana, one comes to know how important the focus is. Focus is required to balance your body, mind and maintain your position is the key to this asana.  Same applies to your financial field. Until you are focussed on your goal and don't get diverted by the temptations on the way, you are certain tosucceed in attaining your goal.


The Trikonasana is actually all about alignment. The trikona or the triangle is made to align the mind, body and spirit or soul. These are the three main aspects of life, which, when aligned, give a happy and healthy life. In the finance or wealth management, we too need to align the three most important things for procuring wealth and they are Return requirements, your risk capacity and finally your liquidity. When these three aspects are well aligned, only then you can dream of creating wealth and huge bank Balances.

Strategical Aggression

The Virabhadrasanarepresents aggression of a warrior. This asana is a very good amalgamation of aggression, strength, pragmatism and wisdom. It also provides relaxation with this much pressure on the body.  This asana is a lesson in wealth management teaching so many things at the same time. You need to be aggressive, strong, practical and wise while making financial decisions. Your strategies need to be safely aggressive along with the practical assessment of the needs. Wisdom should not allow you to take over rated risks, making you safe in your investments.


Poses like Sukhasana, Balasana, Shashankasana and the Shavasana are the easy poses meant to relax the body and the mind from the stress of hard poses and for contemplation and self-criticism. While relaxing at the end of a session we think about our progress of the asans we performed and the improvement we require. Similarly, we also need to relax and make our mind free from the stress of gains and losses. Think critically and examine your journey so far. Think about the improvements you need and be ready for the journey of the next day.

So let your yoga routine and your wealth dreams travel together!


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