Why Goddess Durga came into being?

16 April, 2024
Why Goddess Durga came into being? Why Goddess Durga came into being?

Maa Durga is the most powerful Hindu Goddess who was created by the three supreme powers of the universe, Brahma, Vishu, and Mahesh (Shiva) to slay the Demon Mahishasur. Durga is Adi Shakti or Parvati who is also the wife of Lord Shiva. She is one of the nine goddesses worshiped during Navratris. She is a combatant riding on the fierce king of the jungle, the lion or tiger with weapons in her 10 hands. Shankh, Chakra, Gada, Khogo, bow with arrow, and axe (Kuthar) are weapons that she clasps in her ten hands. Weapons were provided by the three Devas to make her potent to kill Mahishasur. In this blog, let us have an insight into birth of Goddess Durga and why Goddess Durga came into being?

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About Mahishasur- In short

Mahishasur was the son of Demon Rambha, who was the supreme power of the world of demons. He started loving water buffalo and Mahishasur was born from their unification. Due to having parents of distinct breeds, Humans and buffalo, Mahishasur had the power to get into the disguise of human and buffalo. Mahisha refers to buffalo and asur refers to demons.

To become immortal, he revered Lord Brahma for years and years. Brahma amused with the worship of Mahishasur, blessed him with immortality. No God and human being could kill him now and he started misusing the advantages of the blessings of Lord Brahma. The whole universe was now petrified of him including gods in heaven because he invaded them also. All powers of the universe i.e. Gods went to the Trinity for help. The three supreme powers too were helpless as they were defeated by Mahishasur due to the blessing of Brahma himself.

Trinity found a solution as only a female could kill Mahishasur

The whole universe including three lokas i.e., Swarg, Mrityulok and patallok were under the terror of Mahishasur. Tridevs, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh found the key to save the universe from the terror of Mahishasur which was a female. As per the blessings of Brahma, no male God or human being could kill, but only a woman could kill Mahishasur. Three Tridevs bestowed their unmatched powers to Parvati, the wife of Shiva, and the Maa Durga emerged from Parvati. Maa Durga is originally Parvati Maa only who was gifted weapons and powers by the three supreme powers to become capable of killing Mahishasur.

Maa Durga was outstandingly beautiful. Her face was shaped by Lord Shiva, her torso was given by the king of heaven, Indra, her Knees and thighs by the God of wind (Varun), their Teeth by Brahma, her Bottom by Earth, her three lotus type three eyes by the God of fire (Agni deva), breast by Moon (Chandra Devta) etc. She got the powers of all Gods as they all delivered her their weapons like a trident gifted by Lord Shiva, Sudarshan Chakra by Vishnu, Thunderbolt by Indra (king of heaven), Kamandal by a creature of the universe (Brahma), and mace by Kuber. The Himalayas gifted a white lion to her.

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The battle between Durga and Mahishasur–

Goddess Durga roared at Mahishasur and called him on the battlefield. She screamed and threatened him to either evacuate Amravati or fight the battle with her.

Mahishasur, on the other hand, was captivated by the beauty of Durga Deity and proposed to her to marry him. Freaked out and annoyed by the refusal of Durga Goddess, Mahishasur accepted her invitation to face her on the battle field.

The combat between the goddess and the demon shook the whole Universe. The Adi Shakti was fearless, unstoppable, infuriated and undefeatable. Mahishasur with his Maya and tricky powers kept on changing his appearance. He first became a lion, then an elephant, and so on to perplex Goddess. But, she every time conquered in reducing the powers of Mahishasur and eventually on the 9th day of battle succeeded in killing Mahishasur.

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