Wallet Colour as Per Your Zodiac Sign and Vastu

13 May, 2024
Wallet Colour as Per Your Zodiac Sign and Vastu Wallet Colour as Per Your Zodiac Sign and Vastu

As per astrology, significance of colors in Hinduism is much concentrated than just hues coloring the canvas of universe. Females are particular about the color of their hang bags from the point of view of fashion as every one of them wants to look Diva. On the other hand, the idea of carrying a wallet in the pocket is different altogether. Most of the men have gifted wallets, whereas many buy wallets depending on the previous color of wallet they had. But do you know the color of your wallet in your pocket affects your well-being and financial status? In this blog let us peep into the best wallet colour as per your Zodiac signs and Vastu.

Wallet Colour According To Your Zodiac Sign and Vastu Shastra

Wallet Colour According To Your Zodiac Sign And Vastu Shastra

Many people are highly particular about the shade of wallet in their pocket; it is not due to superstition. It is rather due to zodiac signs. According to Astrology, color of the wallet aids in attracting wealth and abundance. People, who are selective in choosing the color, are perhaps aware of the astrological significance behind the colour of wallets. Don’t you think you too should be aware of this since it is an effortless way of accomplishing at least monetary goals? Check out underneath colors of the wallet best for you as per your zodiac sign and Vastu Shastra.

Wallet color for all 12 Zodiac Signs- Check out the wallet color that you should carry below.

Aries- All you born from March 21 to April 19 may carry colors the family of red colors like Red, Orange, and Pink. Red color enables Arians to be courageous and determined. On the other hand, a mustard or pale yellow wallet would be beneficial as a yellow color wallet signifies a heavy outflow of money.

Taurus- Taurus born should have green, white, or silver color wallets to have the wheel of fortune spinning in its favour. Green is the hue of restitution, progress, and success. Green wallets act as magnets for attracting wealth.

Gemini- Almost every Gemini born from 21 June to 22 July should carry either a green or purple shades wallet. Green is for growth, abundance, and fulfilment. More than purple, a green wallet is advisable for Gemini.

Cancer- Pink and white shade wallets are considered to be fruitful for people born under this zodiac sign. The emotional Cancer born will find harmony with a white shade wallet whereas pink ensures growth and sturdy relationships.

Leo- If your zodiac sign is Leo, the best colors of your wallet for you would be yellow, white, and red. Even Pink Shades Wallet will be equally lucrative. Red color wallet ensures success in financial matters along with bestowing stability and security in life.

Virgo- All folks with Virgo zodiac signs should carry either petal green wallet, yellow or purple. Instead of yellow, mustard yellow is advised as yellow ensures continuous outflow of money reducing savings. Green signifies growth, happiness, and prosperity.

Libra- Pink, white, and light pastel color wallets are suggested for Librans. A white or light- colored wallet will aid you earn more money. Pink is to attract the desired partner for your love life.

Scorpio- Wallet colors best for scorpions are white and red shades. Red wallet stimulates energy, strength, and passion in an individual. It ensures success in monetary matters.

Sagittarius- For folks born as Sagittarius, Red, yellow, and Pink wallet colors are assumed to attract good luck with all-around stability.

Capricorn- Wallet colors recommended for Capricorns are white, blue, and black. Black color wallet ensures business success. Prosperity and wealth are assured by the black color wallet. This is the most common color wallet.

Aquarius- Black, white, and green colored wallets are recommended by astrology forAquarians. Black is chiefly recommended to them.

Pisces– Wallet colors best for Pisceans are yellow, white, and pink.

Above were the colors of the wallet as per your zodiac sign in sync with astrology. Do you know Vastu Shastra also has some recommendations for the colors of wallet one must carry in his pocket? The basic essence of having a specific color of wallet is keeping life on the happier side always. In short, what does Vastu Shastra say about the color of the wallet in your pocket?

Wallet color importance in Vastu

Wallet color importance in Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, every color is associated with specific beliefs. The colors you wear or carry have a categorical impact on your life. Therefore. Wallet color is anticipated to have an impact on one’s life and the luck of an individual. Every color has an impact on certain aspects of life like red bestows fertility, green showers monetary gains, etc. An increase in earnings is enhanced by a white wallet and blue ensures gain in gambling. As per Vastu, wallet colors augments power confers strong relationships, positivity, fortune, etc.

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What do Colors Signify According to Vastu?

What do distinct colors signify according to Vastu

Not just benefits, a few colors can also hurt one’s health, financial status, business growth, etc. There are few shades also which are neutral with no influences on human beings. Take a look at the possible impacts of distinct colors on your life–

Green- The petal green wallet or distinct hues of green are considered to be the best color of wallet. It shows wealth, growth, and productivity. It attracts good luck and keeps the negativity at bay.

Purple- This shade is associated with wisdom and power.

Pink– Pink color wallet is a symbol of love and bliss. It strengthens the relationships.

Grey– It is the neutral color that safeguards from misfortune and mental stress.

Blue- The blue color symbolizes loyalty and fosters trust and amity.

Orange– It symbolizes innovativeness and ecstasy.

White- White color indicates virtuousness and purity.

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