Virgo: How to Plan Your Honeymoon with Virgo Wife???

06 May, 2014
Virgo: How to Plan Your Honeymoon  with Virgo Wife??? Virgo: How to Plan Your Honeymoon  with Virgo Wife???
Spicing up your new married life is something you would never like to miss upon. Making up your Virgo wife is a task that you have for the honeymoon after newly married life. Making your first trip with better half is always memorable. But you are too confused that what you should do to make it worth a memory. Read along and make your planning easier as Ganesha tells you how to proceed in the right direction.
Virgo women belong to a different category of people, people who work in a systematic and planned manner. Random plans piss them off or in a better way they prefer a smooth ride rather than a bumpy one. They like things to be known before hand and plan accordingly. Neatness, management and other qualities pertaining to management are always their priority. You as a husband should take a step ahead and plan out the right trip with proper management. They prefer to have things beforehand so that they can take time and have a wonderful honeymoon.
Virgo women are child at heart. Take them to places that will bring the childish side of theirs. Some amusement park like Disneyland might work for you. Don't piss off if they plan out every single detail for the day. They are born that way. You might not know when the kiddo in them becomes wild and ferocious in bed. Don't forget about their dual nature. They might be fun loving kid but can be wild on the other side.
Virgo women are not open to their better half. It takes time to open up with you. Make them feel comfortable and wanted and see how the earthly goddess makes love with you. Every Virgo women has a girly side. She takes time to look pretty, getting dressed up and pleasing you with her vivacious looks. She knows how to make you a perfect man like a kid. Yes! The hidden innocence will remind you of the small kid hidden in them. Take her to some exotic place where she can show you lady in her. She will flaunt the raunchy lady hidden since long, eager to come out for you. She will make you loved, make you wanted.
Well in a nutshell if you have got a Virgo life partner, consider yourself too lucky. She will make you fall in love as every single day of your marriage passes. Stay blessed and have a happy married life. May Ganesha shower his blessings on you.

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