Tulsi Vivah 2014: Shubh Mahurat and Puja

03 November, 2014

Tulsi Vivah will be observed on the 4th of November 2014 for this current year. Tulsi Vivah is the marriage ceremony of Tulsi plant to Lord Vishnu. Tulsi plant is worshipped in Hindu culture. It's presence in home is considered to be of great virtue and emits positive vibes. As per Hindu calendar, Tulsi vivah is celebrated one day after the Shukl Paksh Ekadashi. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi incarnated as Vrinda who was king Jalandhar's wife. King Jalandhar was a demon, and had a war with Lord Indra. One day all the Gods came to Lord Vishnu and requested him to convert into King Jalandhar and start living with Vrinda. When Vrinda came to know about this she got very angry and cursed Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu became stone which is called Shaligram. Also Vrinda turned into a Tulsi plant. Tulsi was then married to Shaligram and since then, Tulsi Vivah is celebrated.

Tulsi Vivah involves a deep story behind its purpose. The one who performs Tulsi Puja has the right to perform Kanyadaan.

The essence and presence of Tulsi is incomparable. In fact the word Tulsi itself means incomparable. Lord Vishnu loved Vrinda or Tulsi. Hence every year Tulsi Vivah is celebrated or performed. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with Tulsi leaves.

Hindu People place the Tulsi plant in front of their house and every Hindu house has a Tulsi plant. Tulsi Vivah also signifies the end of Monsoon season and starting of Wedding season in Hindus.

Puja Mahurat for Tulsi Vivah

The subh Mahurat for Tulsi Vivah are as follows:

Dwadashi Tithi Begins -  12:16 PM on Nov 03, 2014

Dwadashi Tithi Ends -     09:54 AM on Nov 04, 2014


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