Things to Avoid This Diwali

08 November, 2023
Things to Avoid This Diwali Things to Avoid This Diwali

In Today's Blog we will discuss about the things you should avoid this Diwali, the biggest festival of Hindus is around the corner and the whole country is all set to welcome the day with more warmth and elation. On one hand where days before housewives are occupied with revamping the houses and strengthening the bond in the family, business houses emphasize building hearty relationships with their associates for prosperity and contentment. A list of preparations like shopping for home decor, gifts, etc gets into the process of making. We all know what we should do every Diwali for growth, expansion and happiness, but fewer are aware of the things that you shouldn’t indulge in to have continued blessings of Goddess Lakshmi like prosperity.

Diwali- The Festivals of Light

Ask Ganesha invites you to take a look at the things that you could be practicing unknowingly and are not letting you grow in all spheres of life. Know what you shouldn’t think of repeating or doing this Diwali–

1. Types of sweets to go for

Diwali is imperfect without sweets. It is the day when even diabetics don’t miss to tang up their sweet tooth with scrumptious sweets. We all know ready-made sweets should be avoided, but when it comes to gifting homemade sweets can’t work due to the quantity required along with the quality. Avoid milk-based sweets, instead go for pulses and dry fruit-based sweets that not only will last long but also won’t upset your digestive system. Diabetics should opt for sugar-free sweets or homemade ones where the content of sugar can be managed. Makhana-based sweets are not just healthy but are loved by the goddess Lakshmi as well.

2. Say no to non-vegetarian food

Parties, cards and gambling are what Indians are busy doing to celebrate their contended state of life along with earning through betting. Snacks and a variety of cuisines are an integral part of the gathering. Can’t control your craving? But for the day of Diwali, do not taste non-vegetarian food and junk since it is Tamasic food which isn’t appreciated by the Goddess Lakshmi. Likewise, alcohol-based beverages should also be avoided stringently.

3. Acts that offend goddess Lakshmi

The deity of wealth gets amused quickly with little veneration but also gets offended even with little nuisance. Therefore, be careful while chanting her Aarti. Do not clap and recite loudly as the goddess dislikes them. Amongst other things, lit diyas instead of candles and don’t burst crackers while puja is going on. Lit the large diya for the whole night and do not leave the temple place of your home attended for the night of Diwali. Switching off light isn’t recommended to help Goddess Lakshmi roam in every nook of your house.

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4. Wear new clothes or clean at the time of Puja

It is believed that the deity of treasure resides in only clean homes and consequently blesses its dwellers. Self-care, hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained on the occasion of the festivities falling in the month of Kartika as Hindu calendar. Wear new and vibrant clothes in distinct hues of red and pink shades. Be well dressed, apply makeup and keep money in your wallet.

5. Don’t sleep in the daytime especially at dawn and dusk

When the two times meet like dawn and dusk, do not sleep. It has been said from ancient times that fortune sleeps if you sleep in the time of evening and early morning. Your wishes and dreams won’t turn true; therefore your life will lack growth and prosperity. Get up early morning during the Brahma Muhurat before dawn and stay awake during twilight. Do the Puja during Diwali mahurat and be aware of the right time and mode of reverence to enjoy the wealth in abundance.

In Nutshell

To enjoy the blessings of almighty wealth and prosperity, you must perform puja properly and avoid consumption of food items non-vegetarian in nature. All you need to do is to stay positive with healthy and clean thoughts as well as soma to attract abundance in your life. A negative approach and negative environment also deter the scope of bliss and prosperity. For more such tips and guidance, avail of astrology services at Ask Ganesha promising affluence, peace and contentment.

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