Role of sun in astrology: The energy of all the zodiac signs

30 November, 2018
Sun Astrology According to Vedic astrology, Sun is the most important among the 9 planets which influence the life of an individual. The modern science which certifies that the entire biosphere is sustained by the Sun and it is the main driving force for the entire life support system of the earth. Further, It will be relevant to examine the view of Sun Astrology in ancient Vedic literature. The Sun has a huge role in the Vedic texts and it is considered as the father in astrology. The Sun not only represents ego, spirituality, self-esteem, soul and pride. This is the main reason the Sun is the natural Atma Karaka for all. Astrology tells us that the earth is divided into 12 parts or zones that are called the zodiac signs. The Sun is the most powerful object among all the other stellar objects in the universe. Sun astrology is basically known to be connected to a person's ego, behavior and attitude. And due to this, when someone is born in a particular zodiac zone, the sun does have an effect on his or her personality. It has a powerful effect it has on your personality and depends on how powerful the sun is at the time when you are born. The birth time and place play a big role in ascertaining what you will be or can be in the future. The Sun owns only Leo in the whole zodiac signs. He is exalted in Aries and incapacitated in Libra. Other than divisional charts the Sun astrology will not aspect Mercury and Venus as both these planets always orbit near the Sun. Although, in Western astrology, Venus and Mercury can create a kind of aspect which is called Trine.

The positions of Sun in the Horoscope:Sun Astrology

Sun delivers best results similar to the precious Sanjivani. This single herb can treat all forms of illnesses. Thus, while analyzing the birth chart, Astrologers give a lot of importance to the position of the Sun. This planet rules the fifth Zodiac Sign, which is a Leo. Sun is the Lord of the fifth house and is at 10 degrees in Aries, it gets into a highly exalted state. On the other hand, if the Sun is at 10 degrees in Libra. it becomes restrained. Also, Sun astrology forms a trine in Libra between 0 to 10 degrees. As per Astrology, the Sun rules Kritika constellation in Aries. The Sun also rules in the following positions: 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses in Taurus. In 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses in Virgo and 2nd, 3rd and 4th Houses in Uttarashadha in Capricorn sign.

The Sun is the ultimate form of purity and wherever it stays and the areas you need to change:

The 1st House

The person in the Sun with their 1st house displays immense ego. Despite the sign assignment, it is the 1st house is where the Sun becomes influential unless it is in Libra. Although, The placement of the Sun in 1st house shows the person is very strong, has a high willpower and a strong heart. Although, These people dont like bad treatment and their ego gets hurt easily.

The 2nd House

The 2nd house deals with material possessions and self-worth. When Sun is in the 2nd house of the natal chart you can get gains in family property. There can be a propensity to spend more. This is the house of a family also, so some sort of family business is also shown. The person may also get into government service.

The 3rd House

This house deals with media, writing, siblings, and self-effort. There can be a relation with the media. If the Sun is in the 3rd house the person will have the courage and he will undertake his own business.

The 4th House

Sun is in the 4th house and it is in the bottom portion of your chart. The Sun doesnt seem to like this house. In case the Sun loses its directional strength or Dik Bala. The Sun astrology signifies ego, power, and self-esteem. The person having Sun in his planet may have emotional issues at home. First, the Sun is pulled down and may lose its vigor. There can be a gloomy atmosphere at home but it can improve in the later years.

The 5th House

This house deals with creativity, children, self-expression and speculative businesses. When the Sun is in the 5th house the person will get interested in learning ancient texts and will show an interest in creating multiple jobs.

The 6th House

This house deals with professional work, colleagues, health and disputes. Sun in the 6th house which can result in the victory over your enemies. This will bring you to a position where you can manage wealth.

The 7th House

This is the house where Sun doesnt like to stay. The natural ruler of 7th house is Libra and it is where the Sun is incapacitated. The Sun doesnt like to be in the Libra house.

The 8th House

This house deals with longevity, finances, sexual and emotional issues. Although, This will give you support from your in-laws. You will have emotional issues. This may affect your health if Sun is alone.

The 9th House

If the Sun is in the 9th house of spirituality there is a scope of higher studies, teaching, religion and publishing. Although, Your career area will have a strong link with the matters of the 9th house.

The 10th House

This house deals with career, social status, and family elders. The Sun is in the 10th house, it is the high portion of the chart. So you will get a good position in public service or government.

The 11th House

This house deals with profits, collective projects, gains and hopes. The Sun in this house will make you deal with finances in the government sector. Although, You will get good opportunities to be with powerful associates.

The 12th House

The 12th house is the most secret places in your birth chart. It deals with spirituality, isolation, seclusion and prayer. This is a good placement to know all the secrets of the universe. Further, You may get an opportunity to go to a foreign land or travel.
When we learn these influences that the sun holds over us and Sun astrology phenomena, we can use this information to our advantage. Knowing the influence of sun can help in avoiding major decision making during the time of the full moon. You can consult AskGanesha astrologers for more information and a proper puja or anushthan.  

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