How you can make yourself Spiritually Awake???

29 July, 2015

Want to Spiritually Awake Yourself?

How you can make yourself Spiritually Awake? There is no single definition that can give a full-fledged explanation to this mystic concept. Spiritual Awakening can happen in just few seconds or it may take several months or years for an individual to reach this state of divine enlightenment. To make yourself spiritually awake you can practice the below mentioned procedures which are most commonly followed by Yogis.


Meditation brings peace and harmony in our lifestyle, which is significantly important to reach our goal of awakening. During meditation, we reach at the stage of awakening, every one of us experiences different sensations and different emotions because we all have different-different thought processes.

Chanting Sacred Mantras

This history of Mantra Sadhana is older than 1000 BC. The extreme power of these mantras is adequate to spiritually awake one's dormant state of divinity. "OM" OR "AUM" is believed as the most powerful mantra for Spiritual Awakening and chanting of this magic mantra connects you with the supreme power that dwells inside your body.

Reading Sacred Scriptures

Hindu sacred scriptures possess the most effective spiritualistic powers that can awaken your mind and body with full efficacy while giving you those magical divine insights. Hindu God, Lord Krishna himself verbalized a Holy Book "Srimad Bhagavad Gita" and as the reader continues reading this book, he builds connections with that supreme power automatically.

When an individual start its spiritually awake journey, one may encounter many ups and downs. This is no an easy task to do. A spiritually awaken person does not need its body to identify anything, he never stops evolving in any king of spiritual activity as spiritual growth is a lifelong process. The process of spiritual awakening takes time, so many of the individuals give up due to its long process.Spritually awaken is done in you when it gives you a feeling that something inside you has changed.

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