Sage Agastya- The Most Celebrated Rishi

08 April, 2024
Sage Agastya Sage Agastya

Sage Agastya was a most admired sage in the history of Hinduism and is known for his in-depth and extensive knowledge and intelligence. He is one of the most distinguished authors in the Indian subcontinent along with his better half, Lopamudra. Sanskrit version of Rig Veda and other Vedic books were pen by him.

Birth of Sage Agastya

He has also written many hymns in Rigveda. His biography isn’t available in these hymns or other books. His father is assumed to be Pulastya who is one of the Rig Vedic Saptarishis. The birth of sage Agastya is unusual and is like a mystic and unreal tale. It is believed that birth is miraculous. Once, Varuna and Mitra conducted a yajna where the most beautiful apsara, Urvashi came. They were captivated by her beauty and sensuality. They both ejaculated and their semen fell inside a mud pitcher. Agastya grew up in the womb of a mud pitcher with his twin, sage Vashishtha. Due to his origin, he is called ‘Kumbhyoni’.

His marriage

His journey towards marriage began when he was on a visit to heaven. He saw numerous people hanging upside down from a tree while going to heaven. Rishi Agastya had no clue who were they and was in a state of shock. He went to them and enquired about them. He found that they were his ancestors. They said Rishi Agastya himself was the reason for their awful state. They said that there would be no one to offer them oblations after sage Agastya as he was a spinster.

Sage Agastya expressed his apologies and assured them to enter into a wedlock with a suitable girl. He reached Vidarbha whose king was childless and was conducting a yajna to become a parent. Sage Agastya knew that he would find his better half here in Vidharbha. He blessed the king with a child and a princess was born to the king of Vidharbha after 9 months. The girl was named Lopamudra who was exceptionally beautiful and intelligent. Sage Agastya, after decades when Lopamudra was of the age of marriage, visited King Vidharbha and asked her hand for marriage. The difference in age between the two was a reason of concern for a king, but Lopamudra happily agreed to marry Rishi Agastya. She proved to be an immensely dedicated wife whose foremost priority was her husband’s care and contentment.

Rishi Agastya forgot his wife due to his uncompromised dedication towards asceticism. Lopamudra felt gloomy and wrote a hymn in search of love from the love of her life. It didn’t take too long for the husband of Lopa Mudra, Rishi Agastya to realise his responsibilities and duties towards his wife and his ancestors. Lopamudra found the love of her life and gave birth to Dhirdyasu. His ancestors got an entry to heaven with the birth of his son. Dhirdayasu got acquainted with Vedas in the womb of Lopamudra as his parents used to recite hymns often and sang hymns while stepping out in the world.

The sage Agastya– Author of Sanskrit Text

Sage Agastya is said to be the author of numerous texts in Sanskrit such as Agastya Gita in Varaha Purana, and Dvaidha Nirnaya Tantra text. His renowned text, Agastya Samhita was found in Skanda Purana and contains in-depth information about dry cell batteries and the process of electrolysis. The description is similar to a modern dry cell battery.

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