All you need to know about Karwa Chauth

07 October, 2017

Karwa Chauth No doubt, every single Indian folk would have heard about Karwa Chauth. Yet there are many who are clueless about the origin of the festival. All you need to know more about Karwa Chauth. Etymologically, Karwa Chauth is made from a mix of two words viz, Karwa and Chauth. Herein, Karwa implies oil lamp and Chauth means four. The day of Indian married women fasting is generally observed on the fourth day of Kartik month of Hindu calendar. It is also a high time for harvests that people celebrate and meet their near and dear ones. The festival furthermore coincides with Diwali celebration that heralds nine days after the festivities. Initially, Karwa Chauth celebrated the special bond between a bride and a woman in her in-laws household, however changing times has brought about a change of perspective to this with the emergence of new customs. Nowadays, it is viewed as an occasion to seek blessings of God for the long life of one's husband and blissful marital life. Though there has been a huge transformation in the manner of celebration of Karwa Chauth, yet the inherent meaning remains intact.

Story Behind Karwa chauth

The history of KarwaChauth can be traced back to ancient times when it was followed as a ritual. To strengthen the relationship between the bride and a woman within the household of her in-laws. In previous times, when the bride left for her in-laws household. She would make friends with another woman in the hose to share her emotions and problems. This friendship was previously solemnized in the Karwa Chauth celebration and they were considered sisters. Usually, this friendship lasted for a lifetime. Nevertheless, with changing times this festival found a new meaning with many legendary tales associated with the festival. Nowadays, the day is observed to seek blessings for the long and healthy life of one"™s husband. This year the day would be observed on October 8. The duration for Karwa Chauth puja muhurat would begin from 18:02 to 19:17. Thus it would last for an hour and fifteen minutes. Expected time for moonrise is 20:20. The Chaturthi tithi begins from 16:58 on oct8 till 14:16 on oct9. This Karwa Chauth getting the Uma Maheshwari puja done for Happy marital life would be beneficial for strengthening the bond between the two of you. The Maha Mritujayey Puja is also performed by many for healthy and long life for their spouse.  

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