Nadi Astrology - Its basic concepts and advantages

06 June, 2018

Introduction - Nadi Astrology:

One of the most mysterious and perhaps the most mystical aspect of Indian or Vedic Astrology is Nadi Astrology. It combines both-principles of astrology and karma/act of a person (past and present). To understand the future and shape the destiny of the soul.

Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology as a treatise is manly divided into different chapters. These chapters predicts the past and understands the present to analyse the future. Who ever goes for their Nadi astrological readings are mainly encountered with chapters 1, 13 and 14. Although, these three chapters are mainly giving an over view of what to expect in the present life? It also enables to understand the past life problems, difficulties those problems are creating in this lifetime. At the same time it suggests various remedies to negate all the past wrongdoings and their effects. According to the experts of Nadi Astrology the people who practice this branch calls it the 8th wonder in the world. As this astrology is absolutely accurate and very precise.

Nadi Leaves- What they are?

Nadi Astrology

Nadi leaves are primarily made of dried palm leaves that are processed, and preserved using many herbs. These leaves contain hand written notes about movement of celestial bodies and its impact on us. These leaves are our destiny leaves and it tells us the various aspects of our life, the past life and the coming future. Those who read the this astrology keeps these leaves preserved in various solutions and herbs. And can only be accessed by the thumb impression of the bearer.

Legend behind Nadi/ Nadi Leaves:

Nadi Astrology

It is also believed that, a group of enlightened masters (Gurus, Rishis etc), were able to impress Lord Shiva with their dedication and devotion. So, Lord Shiva granted them a boon that was the boon of clairvoyance. Or it is the ability to see a persons past present and future of people. These masters then made agreements with other people to help them in their future life times. When they would require special guidance. Hence, on the Nadi Leaves the enlightened masters wrote down various problems and future prediction of these problems face by people in life time. These leaves were preserved by Maharaja of Tanjore- Serfoj II, who was a great exponent of art and literature. Although, he kept these scriptures in his library. Today, a temple in southern India, Vaitheeswaran Koil, is considered the nerve centre of the Nadi tradition.
Nadi Astrology Basic Concepts:

Nadi Astrology

  • There are 150 Nadis in 12 zodiac signs. They are mainly the energy channels that flow through Pranas- which are divine energy, life and consciousness. There are different types of Nadis, using different types of techniques for future prediction.
  • The different kinds of Nadis are Bhrigu Nandi, Sukar, Siva vakya, Agastiyar, Sani, Budha, Guru, Ganesha, kumara, kamakshi, Jeeva, Saptarishi etc.
  • The position of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu is very helpful for Nadi astrologers, while instant predictions.
Advantages of Nadi Astrology:

Nadi Astrology

  • The remedies as prescribed Nadi practitioner and Nadi Astrologer, help to reduce the stumbling blocks of life, enhance happiness and Prosperity, gives self-confidence, and helps in getting a peaceful death.
  • It enables to the native to get rid of negativity and unwanted correspondence, at the same time helps to be meticulous in life.
  • Relieves from Anxieties and all sorts of mental disabilities.
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