Vaastu for Mirror in house: Quick guide to stack your place with Positive Energy

05 November, 2018
Vaastu for Mirror in house: Quick guide to stack your place with Positive Energy Vaastu for Mirror in house: Quick guide to stack your place with Positive Energy
Mirror Vaastu

What is Vastu?

Vastu is a Vedic study of architecture and its a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. It is applied while forming temples, offices, home, industry, and factory. Vastu is a scientific concept practiced for the purpose of prosperity and peace. Vaastu for Mirror in-house is an approach focused on pouring more positive energy in a particular place. And is particularly helpful in the growth of happiness, health, prosperity and wealth. Vastu also tells us how to avoid diseases and disasters in life which are largely initiated by the negative energy surrounding us.

Vaastu and mirrors

A Vaastu mirror placement is a very important concept. And if its done correctly the power of mirrors can symbolically double your wealth, happiness and health. Mirrors are the most powerful element and at the same time the simplest Vastu tool which can be used for any place. A Vaastu for Mirror in-house is considered as one of the best remedy tools in Vastu. It has the ability to attract unimaginable fortunes, wealth and happiness if used as per rules and regulations of Vastu Shastra. However, if mirrors, in a home violate the rules and guidelines of Vastu, it can become a magnet to misfortunes, sorrow, and poverty. A common question that one can ask is What does a mirror reflect?" The answer is simple and logical that anything your mirror reflects will double it. It is also believed that they not only attract and repel positive energy but they suck up all the negative energies. To know Mirror Vastu according to your place, you can contact AskGanesha experts from the below link.

Placing a mirror in the house/workplace

  • Always install a mirror which is either rectangular or square in shape as these mirrors have the best effects as per Vastu Shastra
  • Always ensure to place a mirror on the walls in the North or East direction only
  • The distance of the mirror from the floor should be around 4 to 5 feet
  • Location of the television should be a southeastern corner. Ensure that the television screen is covered while television is not in use
  • Keeping the dressing table beside your bed is considered auspicious
  • If any corner of the house has a cut then place mirrors pointing in that direction. This will help to eliminate such types of Vastu defects.
  • If there is a scenic beauty outside your window then place a mirror inside the room such that it reflects that scene as it will attract positivity in your home.
  • If you place a mirror reflecting your dining table, it will attract more wealth
  • Place a mirror in front of lockers and safe to double up your prosperity
DO NOTs for the mirror:
  • Avoid installing oval or round shaped mirrors in your home
  • Do not ever place a mirror or any other shiny object in front of the main gate
  • Ensure that the mirror placed in your bedroom doesnt reflect any of your body parts while sleeping on the bed
  • Make sure that glass window panes and doors arent transparent
  • Vastu Shastra recommends not placing a mirror beside your childs study table. A mirror at such places may disturb the concentration of your child while studying
  • Do not hang mirrors in narrow passages as they will attract negative energy
  • Vastu Shastra also suggests avoiding placing mirrors opposite to each other. As it brings impatience and increases restlessness.
To get more information on Vaastu for Mirror in house and other direction, you can check out this blog as well.  

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