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Online Consultancy (Consult Directly with Astrologers)

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This is our special online consultancy service. (Paid Service )

Consult directly with your AskGanesha astrologers Abhishek Dhawan over the G-Talk, Skype or Phone. You can avail this service when the Astrologer is online or with appointment. We will fix a time slot which would be mutually convenient to both the parties.

Consult directly ON Phone, G-Talk, Skype etc

Charges for consultancy (on phone or chat) :
INR 2100 /- per horoscope (for any astrological advice ).

US $ 33 / INR 2100

Personal Appointment with AskGanesha Astrologer

Charges for consultancy (Personal meeting):
INR 3100 /- per horoscope.

US $ 50 / INR 3100

  • Time Slot allotted to you is 30 minutes
  • You may also book appointment of another day/time for consultation.

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Top Customer Reviews provides the best consultancy services whether on phone or personally. The astrologer is very sweet and experienced and he gives a lot of time to his clients.

By Vijay, (businessman)

I had the ever best experience with the astrologer Abhishek Dhawan of I have been suffering from mental stress from one year becoz of my bad luck. My stars were not with me, I was very in a lot of trouble personally and professionally, I had a talk with the astrologer and he freed me from my troubles.

By Aaveg sharma, (Manager at deloitte)

Phone consultancy though charged a good amount for, is a very gud service of Mr Abhishek is a very experienced astrologer. He does in depth study of one's horoscope and comes out with the detailed explanations of why one is suffering from any kind of trouble related to one's horoscope somewhere and somehow. And the remedies he comes up with are extraordinary and really effective.

By Aarav khuruna, (engineer)

After going to many astrologers and pundits who charge a hefty amount for their services, I came to know about The astrologer of this site is very intelligent and he actually utilises the time slot given to its client. He made me satisfied and asked me not to worry as good and bad times are part of life and nothing last forever.

By Manish kumar (audit associate) is very flexible in fixing the time slot for consultation and at the same time they are very professional in handling questions. You just need to book an appointment with the astrologer and he will handle all your queries. I had a good experience and I highly recommend it to others.

By Lovika gupta (housewife)

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