Meditation- a path to self realisation

26 February, 2018
Meditation- a path to self realisation Meditation- a path to self realisation

Modern lifestyle and Meditation:

Meditation- a path to self realization. We have a fast paced life- this has left no or little time for ourselves; this sedentary lifestyle has had many serious and catastrophic repercussions, such as depression and stress. Due to monotonous schedules of today there has been increase in levels of disappointment and frustration. Since the time is moving at a very fast pace, that it doesnt gives us time to be with ourselves. We have become frustrated and the stress has made us more prone to varied ailments. This has lead to an increase in lifestyle diseases. We have no time to think and analyse about self. The process of self realization and self analysis is by the way of Meditation.It not only makes you calmer, but at the same time makes u composed and focused.


Perquisite of Meditation:

Actively performing the breathing exercises, for a span of ten fifteen minutes, reduces stress considerably. Hence making the doer less prone to lifestyle diseases and promotes inner peace and helps in enhancing concentration and focus on day to day basis. The best feature of meditation is that, meditation doesnt require any equipments or a particular place for the activity, it can be done any where any how and in any position. One needs to clear mind and thought process in order to meditate.  An absolute belief in the meditation process.


How Meditate helps?

Meditation is the best way for self- Analysis, as it enables us to be true to ourself, it enables us to create a self understanding and also create the transformation for an excellent tomorrow/ future. It enables a change in attitude and behaviour, plants new thoughts and positive outlook towards life and people around us. It takes us out from a life full of turmoils to a life full of triumph. The Aura gets cleansed while doing and performing meditation. Delivers Rest to body mind and soul. Since its more spiritual than religious, person doesnt have to be in a certain mind frame to carry out this practise. The rest that is sought in Meditation is precisely a power nap that rejuvenates an individual from Cellular level.

Benefits of Meditation:

It includes calmer mind and purer self, improves concentration etc. It cures various mental diseases, such as depression, anxiety etc. At the same time it can cure my lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension, BP etc. Those who are advanced practioners of this are able to enter the minds of the other people, like in ancient time and age the sages were able to do. Another Benefit is that it connects you from self- to supreme.


It also helps us to analyse our day and improve the faults and the wrong doings. Askganesha Astrologers suggest you some remedies regarding to your health issues. So we at AskGanesha advocate meditation on daily basis so that every one has a good and beautiful life ahead, free from turmoils troubles and ailments. Chanting the proper mantra is also one of the form of Meditation, which relaxes your mind and gives you inner peace. Keep smiling and meditating!  Astrologer Askganesha

Nadi Astrologer, Numerologist, Energy Reiki Healer and Lal Kitab Expert
Enrolled with PhD (Computer Science), Completed Jyotish Acharya and learned various Astrology systems and Lal Kitab from different Gurus.

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