Manifestation Mistakes To Avoid

05 May, 2024
Manifestation Mistakes To Avoid Manifestation Mistakes To Avoid

How often have you heard the word manifestation? Almost the whole world is talking about it. Manifestation is attracting from the cosmos all you want or asking the cosmos to bless with your desire. It works on the law of attraction. Feelings or thoughts are the medium to manifest. Speak and ask the universe for all you want. For many, it has worked, but the percentage of those rejecting the theory of manifestation is also decently large. You could be manifesting wrongly as Cosmos cannot be biased and is against you. Manifestation is a practice that must be done correctly to get your desire fulfilled. Check out the following manifestation mistakes to avoid having a life in the top gear.

Manifestation mistakes blocking your bliss or desire fulfilment–

Manifestation mistakes blocking your bliss or desire fulfilment

• Don’t expect an overnight miracle

In the jet age, what we all are used to is instant results. In the time, when everything is just a few minutes away, patience has gone miles away. Manifestation is a slow process involving time, persistence, and effort. Sometimes, it takes months to get your desires to come true. Whereas, sometimes, miracles also happen. In a nutshell, it is a daily or frequent practice requiring constant effort. Remember the quote, Rome wasn’t built in a day and manifestation too shouldn’t be expected to reach the state of fruition in little time.

• Be selective while choosing words during manifestation

Often words chosen themselves prevent from getting results in manifestation. Therefore, choose the right and positive words while asking favours from the cosmos. Have clarity and make sure you don’t manifest partially. With partial manifestation, expect only a little favor. If you are manifesting a partner and you have a list of a few must-have specific traits, asking for a better half won’t fetch you the desired result. Do involve every trait while manifesting, so what if it involves more than one sentence? Know what to do to attract soul mate in your life

• Have a focal point on what you want instead of what you don’t

Eradicate the words like “God forbid” and “lest shouldn’t happen”. Have control over your ideas, and thoughts, and do not let the influx of negative ideas even bother you. Constantly prevailing fear in your mind will lead to delays in the results or wrong results altogether. Therefore, don’t emphasize your fears, rather focus on positive outcomes only to be on the happier side.

• Be practical

Your karmas should be aligned with your manifestation. Mere manifestation won’t work unless it is backed by genuine efforts. The channel through which you expect your desire to turn true may not be the same that you are anticipating. Opportunity driven by manifestation may come to you in different forms. It is important to be practical and work towards the attainment of your motto.

• Right mind-frame

You have to be in the right or positive state of mind to attract your affirmations into the state of reality. Your emotional and mental state should be sound to manifest right. It is better to avoid manifesting or taking a lag if your mental and emotional state is disturbed. Be positive, hale and hearty to manifest the right.

• Adopt flexibility

Man proposes and God disposes. The plan of the universe could be different, though the motive could be the same. The track chosen by the universe could be different from what you plan. Stay open for all the opportunities that come in midway as sometimes narrow and tough roads to walk on may be the shortcut to success.

• Be realistic while manifesting

We all know our limitations and manifesting realistic is advised. Be practical and manifest all you think is achievable. Don’t manifest which is unlikely to achieve. You should be aware of your boundaries and must be aware of how far can you push them.

• Avoid suspicious attitude

It is being said that even medicine doesn’t work if you do not take it with the belief. A suspicious attitude should be avoided and have a firm belief that your dream is on the verge of completion. Belief that universe is supporting you and is turning things fruitful for you.

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Few techniques to manifest

Few techniques to manifest

• Pen down your goals- to avoid ambiguity while manifesting or preventing yourself from uttering wrong, the best thing is to pen down your manifestation goal. Check them out during due course of time.

• Have manifestation paper under pillow- There is another practice of manifestation which involves writing on the paper and keeping it under your pillow.

• Use positive affirmation- incorporate positive assertions in your lives. Never say that you are poor or you are short of money. Affirm that I am rich and day by day I am getting richer and richer. If you are unhealthy, say I am recovering or I have fully recovered as positive affirmations lead to positive results.

• Vision board- In front of your study table or front of your bed, have a vision board that involves pictures, quotes, and drafts of your aim and where you see yourself in a few years.

• Write in journals- Write in your journals as if your aim is accomplished. This is called scripting and practise it as if you have achieved your motives or desires.

Summing up:

A positive frame of mind is vital to reach out to the destination of your dream. Have clarity of what you aspire to with optimism and without a thought of uncertainty. Using words full of doubts and suspicions can’t fetch you the desired result. Write down in a concise and precise to avoid making any mistakes while manifesting as results come as per every word you utter during manifestation. Kick-off negative words or those that don’t imply certainty.

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