Mythological Overview and Importance of Magha Purnima 2023: It’s Significance

18 January, 2023

The full moon day that falls in the month of Magh (months of January or February) is known as Magha Purnima according to the Hindu Panchang. Magha or Maghi whatever it may be called, it is the Purnima with a special significance from a religious and spiritual point of view. According to traditional Hindu scriptures, bathing in holy rivers, going for charity and chanting mantras on this auspicious day of Purnima, are said to be very fruitful. Magha bath is also very important on this day.

The special bath, which takes place in the month of Magha, normally starts from the full moon of the Posh month and continues till Magha Purnima. For the Triveni Sangam bath, the Purnima is the last day that follows after performing Kalpavas in the pilgrimage of Prayag. According to the beliefs of Sanatan Dharma, the grace of Lord Shri Krishna showers on the persons who take baths during the month of Magha His Grace. These persons will be blessed with happiness, prosperity, kids and total salvation.

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Bathing in rivers, going on for charity and chanting prayers on this date are said to be very holy and auspicious. Magh bath also has special significance as described in Hindu scriptures.

Magha Purnima 2023: Date and Time

Magha Purnima Starts From 09.29PM on Feb 04, 2023.Magha Purnima ends at 11.58 PM on Feb 05, 2023.

Significance of Magha Purnima

According to Hindu texts and scriptures, bathing in the holy river on the eve of Magha Purnima is considered really auspicious. After taking the bath there is the ritual of giving alms to needy persons. It is regarded to wash away all sins committed in the past and and present time. On the very day of Purnima, Lord Vishnuji and Lord Hanumanji are worshipped for their blessings. It is believed too that on this day all the moral and spiritual desires of the devotees who worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman are fulfilled.

What Mythology Says about Magha Purnima

According to mythology, Magha Purnima is considered a holy day to initiate various spiritual and religious rituals and ceremonies. It is also believed that during this very month the deities come down from the heaven to spare a couple of hours on earth and spend some time on the banks of the Ganges. 

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The popular ‘Magh Mela’ and ‘Kumbh Mela’ take place during this month, in which hundreds of devotees from all over the country and abroad gather to enjoy an auspicious plunge in the holy river of the Ganges in the serene beaming beams of Magha Purnima. Astrological Significance of Magha Purnima

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The day of Magha Purnima is also has a great significance in astrology too. On this day, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the Moon moves into the constellation of Cancer. Hence, it is believed that taking a holy bath on this day will eliminate all doshas or afflictions associated with the Sun and Moon.

From a scientific point of view, the month of Magha is helpful too. This month is thought to help the human body adjust to the effects of changing in season. As a result, bathing on the very auspicious day of Magha Purnima provides the human body with enough strength and vigor.

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Again, if the Pushya Nakshatra falls on the same day as the Purnima, the day becomes more auspicious. In the regions of Tamil Nadu, on the day of this Purnima, a water festival is also conducted by people living there.

Magha Purnima Vrat Katha

Legend goes on saying that once a Brahmin named Dhaneshwar resided in Kantika Nagar. He used to beg for donations for his livelihood. In spite of sheer poverty, both husband and wife were happy in their own little world where acute poverty prevailed. The only thing that made both the Brahmin and his wife unhappy was that they didn’t have any little one at home. One day his wife went to the city to beg but none gave alms to her as she did not have any child on her lap. 

This incident tore her heart apart and made her very upset and gloomy. Having felt her grief and agony, someone asked her to worship Maa Kali for 16 days at a stretch. The Brahmin couple worshipped Maa Kali for 16 days. Having felt their penance and utmost devotion, Mother Kali blessed them and offered a boon to Brahmin’s wife that she must conceive. But she did not forget to tell the Brahmin’s wife that she should light a lamp on every full moon day and go on adding one lamp on every full moon day.

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In this way, she should go on increasing the number of lamps on every full moon day till there came at least 32 lamps. The Brahmin brought a raw mango from the tree for his wife to worship the Goddess. His wife with a soulful heart performed the Puja and as an obvious result she conceived. On every full moon, she went on lighting the lamp as per the instructions of Mother Kali. 

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By the grace of Mother, a son was born to her. They both named him Devdas. When Devdas grew up, he was sent to Kashi to study staying at his maternal uncle’s house. But woe to them! Both the mother and nephew in Kashi met an accident. As a bitter result Devdas was wedded by sheer cheating.

As Devdas was not at all willing to marry, he requested to stop this unauthorized marriage as he was too young to marry. But there was no relief, he was forced to marry. Years rolled on, Yamraj came to snatch his life in the form of Kaal. But on that very day the Brahmin couple kept a fast of Purnima. 

Hence Kaal had no other way but to go back without doing harm to the Brahmin boy. Since then it is in vogue that fasting on the day of Magha Purnima leads to ultimate freedom from all types of troubles and fulfils all holy desires.

Magha Purnima Vrat Puja Vidhi & Rituals

On this very day bathing, charity, homam (havan), fasting and chanting prayers are performed on the very occasion of the Purnima. On this day Lord Vishnu should be worshipped with utmost reverence. Along with this shradh, tarpan and donation to poor people should be initiated.

The worship method of Magha Purnima Vrat is as follows:

On the day of Magha Purnima, one should take a plunge in a holy river or tank, well before sunrise in the morning. After bathing, one should offer arghya/offerings to the Sun God while reciting the mighty Surya Mantra.

After taking a holy bath, one should worship Lord Krishna by taking a vow of total fasting. During the mid-day period, poor people and Brahmins should be offered food and dakshina.

Black sesame should be specially donated in charity. In the month of Magha, havan/homam should be done with black sesame seeds and the ancestors should be offered black sesame seeds too.

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Either Gayatri Mantra or ‘Om Namo Narayan’ mantra should be chanted at least 108 times continuously.

Hindu tradition is on the say that, Purnima is an important day, both from the religious and scientific points of views. The Moon is an epitome of mind, serenity, coolness, spirituality and so on. Hence The Magha Purnima is also put into effect to be engaged in many forms of spiritual exercises. 

This very year on Magha Purnima 2023, natives will experience it in the month of February and perform pujas and offerings to appease the gods and goddesses before taking a holy dip in the river water, at the Triveni Sangam, and on various pilgrimages.  From Paush Purnima to Magha Purnima, it is essential to take a bath in the holy rivers early in the morning to overcome numerous inflictions or doshas. 

Worshipping at very Magha Purnima 2023

In the month of Magha, on the very last day of taking a Triveni bath in Prayag, is mentioned in the scriptures. 

The other things that should be initiated on this very occasion are Yagya, penance and charity. One should go on worshipping Lord Vishnu after completion of the holy bath. One can also offer sesame seeds to the ancestors. It is ideal thing to donate food, clothes, sesame seeds, jaggery, blankets, ghee, cotton, laddus, fruits, grains etc. to the poor.

Aarti that should be done on Magha Purnima 2023

Aarti of Kunj Bihariji, 

Shri Govardhanji, 

Shri Khatu Shyam Ji, 

Shri Krishna,

Shri Banke Bihariji 

Ekadashi Mata

Shri Radha Raniji.  

Mantras those should be chanted

Om Namo Bhagavate  Vasudevaya

Krishna Mantra

Shri Radha Krishna Ashtakam

Sri Krishna Jayanti Nirnayah

Chalisa that should also be chanted on the occasion of Magha Purnima 2023

Shri Krishna Chalisa


Shri Krishna Stuti

Stotram to be chanted on the very occasion of Magha Purnima

Sri Radhakrishna Stotram etc. 

So it is noted that if one goes on worshipping Lord Krishna on this very Magha Purnima 2023, one is sure to win the Grace of the Lord and lead a happy life.



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