Guru Poornima- Celebrating Knowledge & Wisdom

14 July, 2018

Guru Poornima

Guru Purnima is the day that celebrated as a day to mark the acknowledgment of selfless wisdom and knowledge. The Term guru is derived from two words, Gu meaning endless darkness and ru meaning the removal of the darkness. Guru Poornima is the first full moon night after the Summer Solstice. It falls in the month of Ashad according to Hindu calendar. It is the day to revere our gurus or teachers. This day holds significance not only for Hindus but for Buddhists, Jains alike.  

Guru Poornima

For Hindus, this was the day that the sage Ved Vyas chose to pen down the 4 Vedas. It is the day to commemorate the spiritual gurus for their enlightenment. Hence it is a day to celebrate gratitude and to be grateful. This day is a special day for farmers because of the fact that this day marks the onset of monsoon rains.

Legend of Guru Poornima:

Guru Poornima

The legend has it that this was the day which marked as the beginning of a new era, as it was the day when Krishna- Dwaipayana Vyas a.k.a Ved Vyas was born to Satyavati and sage Parashara. Hence it is also known as Vyas Purnima. He is credited for doing the Vedic studies and dividing the Vedic hymns into four parts and hence the Vedas came into existence. He even demarcated the Vedas into 4 parts: Rig, Yajur, Sam, & Atharva Veda. For some historians, the Puranas are the 5th Veda.

The legend in Yogic lore:

The Yogic legend talks about Lord Shiva, being the Adi Guru or the Guru of the universe/ or the first guru or teacher for all. It all began more than 15000 years ago when a yogi made an appearance in the Foothills of Himalayas. No one recognized him, but at the same time no one could resist his character and he attracted many people. Be that as it may, his quality was unprecedented, and individuals assembled.

Guru Poornima

He showed no indications of life, however, only the intermittent tears of bliss rolled down his face. Because of his nature being cut off from others, people started to lose interest in him and they started to leave, only seven men remained with him. When he opened his eyes, these seven men begged him, needing to come across whatever was emerging. He rejected their plea, but they insisted on knowing what was happening. At long last, he gave them a basic initial step and procedure to follow and shut his eyes once more.  


guru poornima

The seven men started to get ready. Days moved into weeks, weeks into months, months into years, yet the yogi's consideration did not fall upon them once more. 84 years later after a long period of Sadhana, during the mid-year solstice that denotes the coming of Dakshinayan, the world's southern run, at that time the yogi glanced at them one again. They had turned out to be a sparkling storage place of learning and wisdom, they were also very responsive. He couldn't ignore them any longer. Precisely on the very n next full moon day, the yogi turned south and sat as a Guru to these seven men.  

Guru Poornima

Shiva, the Adiyogi (the main yogi) in this way turned into the Adi Guru. The seven devotees wound up celebrated as the Saptarishi and took this learning over the world. Guru Purnima is held sacred in the yogic convention in light of the fact that the Adiyogi opened up the likelihood for an individual to evolve consciously. The seven distinct parts of yoga that were placed in these seven people, they, in turn, lead to the establishment of seven primary elements of yoga, something that is still preserved and practiced.  

Buddhist Lore:

Guru Poornima

Lord Buddha 5 weeks after his enlightenment traveled to Sarnath from Bodhgaya. It was on this day that Lord Buddha addressed his disciple and gave his first sermon as the Gautama or to be Buddha.  

Guru Poornima Puja Method:

Guru Poornima

1. On the Morning of the Guru Poornima, get up early in the morning, take a bath and clean your house especially the place of worship.
2. Sit on an Asana, take water in the left hand sprinkle the water on the fingers of your right hand.
3. Chant the Guru Mantra and drink the holy water. Do this activity at least 3 times.
4. Worship Lord Shiva on this day and also the worship of sun god is done. Offer water to the Sun God from a copper pot.
5. Revere not only teachers but the other Gurus in life as well.
6. Offer white flower and clothes for the blessing or Guru or Jupiter.
7. Do not eat any product that contains grains rice and salt.
8. Decorate the main entrance or door of your house with mango leaves.  

Benefits of Guru Puja:

Guru Poornima

  • The planet Jupiter is known for wisdom and enlightenment. Doing Guru Puja will enable more wisdom and intelligence to the native.
  • Relieves the native with their emotional stress
  • Gives the native the spiritual upliftment and knowledge
  • Chanting guru mantra relieves of stress and improves concentration. Perform Guru Puja on this Guru Poornima, by our well versed Purohit. This puja will bring in Prosperity and wisdom and will be done according to the proper Vedic techniques and methods

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