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05 April, 2019

Maa Kushmanda The fourth Incarnate-on the 4th Night: Maa Kushmanda Worshiped on the 4th night of the Navaratras: In order to liberate energy to the world, Parvati started to live in the centre of the sun, hence called the Kushmanda, the ability to live inside the sun, the glow and the light on her body represents that of sun. It is believe when there was nothing in this universe, when there were no existences, then it is said that it was Mata Kushmanda who spread energy in the world, by just her smile. Similarly, Kushmanda is derived from 3 words; here Ku means a little, Ushma means warmth or energy, and Anda means cosmic egg. She is the Goddess of the cosmic egg.


Iconography of Maa Kushmanda:

Mounted on a lioness, Goddess Kushmandais often depicted as having eight hands. In the seven hands she holds Kamandalu, arrow, bow, and a jar of nectar, mace, discus and a lotus flower. While in her eighth hand she holds a rosary that consists of all the eight kinds of Siddhis and nine Niddhis, Because of her eight hands she is also called as Asthbhuja Devi. Wearing red and various shades of red is considered auspicious.

Legend of Kushmanda Maa

Kushmanda is the fourth form of the goddess Durga. Goddess Kushmanda rides on the lioness. She is considered the creator of the universe by just flashing little bit of her smile. It is said that before the existence of universe there was complete darkness. WhenGoddess Kushmandasmiled all the darkness got eliminated and thus illuminated with light creating the universe. Furthermore, All the functioning of the solar system is controlled by Goddess Kushmanda. She has the power to live in the core of the Sun.

Creation of Trimurti for Trinity

  1. Maa Kushmanda is credited to create the Trimurti, and it is said that from just a mere glance of Maa Kushmandas left eye, a lady with dark complexion, bearing a necklace made of Skulls and sitting on funeral pyre, with cleaver, trident, discus, arrow, shield, severed head, skull-cup, conch-shell, cross-bow and a club in her hands, collecting the dripping blood and looking ghastly, slaying anyone who came her way. Therefore, Maa Kushmanda named her Mahakali hence Goddess Mahakali came into existence.
  2. From the glance of Maa Kushmandas third eye, a ferocious lady with lava complexion was created. Donned in saffron saree, with Armour and Helmet and 18 hands. She was armed with battle-axe, trident, discus, mace, thunderbolt, arrow, sword, lotus, rosary, conch-shell, bell, noose, spear, goad, bow, shield, wine-cup and a water pot with handle. Furthermore, She sipped wine from the wine-cup. Sitting on a Lotus and roared Viciously, Kushmanda Mata called her Mahalakshmi.
  3. From the Glance of Kushmanda Maas right eye a benign lady with complexion as white as milk appeared. Having eight arms and three placid Eyes, She was clad in white clothes and wore a crescent moon on her forehead. She was armed with trident, discus, small drum, arrow, conch shell, bell, bow and a ploughshare.This lady was seated on a gem studded throne, and always maintained a serene smile; hence Kushmanda Maa called her Maha Saraswati.

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Benefits of Kushmanda Puja:
  • Since the divine glow and radiance of Maa Kushmandas body is as luminous as that of the Sun, and since Goddess Kushmanda governs Sun, it is said that by praying to her all the ill effects of Surya or sun god is removed.
  • Maa Kushmanda helps in overcoming of all enemies
  • Furthermore, Maa Kushmanda helps in fulfilling of all the desires of her followers.
  • The divine blessings of Goddess Kushmanda helps you improve your health and wealth and provide strength.

Since Goddess, Kushmanda is also an incarnation of Goddess Durga, so she also provides with strength and fearlessness. It would be good if you perform the Durga Puja, to get the divine blessings on this Navratri

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